Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server If you’ve ever been frustrated by constantly having to plug and unplug various USB devices like a printer from your PC, chances are, you’re now looking for a USB hub that has enough ports for you to share your peripheral devices with your network of PCs at home or in the office. However, nowadays, people need to look for more than just a device that is limited to connecting USB devices.

With today’s technology, it is already possible to share not just USB devices, but PC hard drives as well. For a great value product that works both as a USB hub and hard drive server, and also offers a good amount of ports and versatility, get Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server. It will ensure a network of easily accessible devices and hard drives right in your home, school, or office.

Share Printers and More with Easy Access

The Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server is versatile because it can connect other USB devices, apart from just printers, to a PC via a wired Ethernet-based LAN.

Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server

Convenience is what it brings to homes, schools, and offices because it allows attached USB devices to be accessed and shared by different users on a LAN. Its 4 USB 2.0 ports for connecting to USB devices makes for great value, because now up to four devices are accessible to users. Use the 4-port switch and you can connect additional PCs to your network.

The Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server connects to 10/100 Ethernet networks via an RJ45 connector and supports multi-language, DHCP and static IP, as well as FTP and SMB server for Internet file access security. Now, you can turn a USB printer into a network printer, and even make any USB hard drive accessible to a multitude of users. You can also use a computer to access a file in another computer, and rest assured that your important files are protected by password security.

Another thing to note about this already impressive USB server hub is that it can support FAT32 and Ext3 file systems, as well as IPP and TCP/IP raw printing and Unicode, making it perfectly compatible with desktop computers running on Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP. With 6 inch width, 3.4 inch length, and 1 inch height, the Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server is definitely a time – and space – saving wonder!

This obviously slim and compact server is the product to look for when you would like to have a good number of computers sharing several USB devices. The black-and-yellow exterior can easily blend in with the commonly black computer monitors and chassis, so you can still construct a visually pleasing PC workstation at home or in the office.

All in all, the Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server simply makes it possible to share USB printers and USB storage devices accessible via LAN in a home office, small office, classroom, or home. If you want a space-saving, convenient, reliable, and affordable product for your USB devices and hard drives, this is the one sever to have.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer