HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX Video CardEnjoy a great bargain in PC gaming with the HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX Video Card. This limited edition card features full HD (1080p), 512MB GDDR3, extra turbo speed and a great cooling solution.

It delivers HD graphics and strikingly fast gaming performance. It also offers support for the latest Microsoft DirectX 10.1 gaming environment.

Electrifying game performance with HIS Radeon

The HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX boasts 666 million transistors on a 55nm fabrication process!

HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX Video Card - Limited EditionIts chipset has a core speed running up to 735MHz and memory speed reaching 1960MHz. That’s incredibly fast, considering other video cards that run slower and lack a good cooling solution.

Thanks to the IceQ 3 cooling technology, you maintain stunning speeds at an ideal temperature and sound level. This technology ensures an appropriate level of temperature without affecting performance. You get to enjoy lifelike graphics even more this way.

HIS’ IceQ 3 technology may be the best air cooling solution yet. This 3rd generation technology is touted to be double the strength of its predecessor. Its innovative design significantly improves cooling performance and reduces weight. The heatpipe has sintered powder wicks to rapidly reduce the GPU temperature. Memory and GPU heatsinks are completely separated to prevent heat transfer from GPU to memory. Even the silent and durable fan works wonders.

Cool air is drawn from both sides of the fan to improve airflow. The dual-slot cooling design directly exhausts hot air out of your PC case. This translates to effective cooling even in a CrossFire configuration. Now you won’t have to spend extra on a cooling system for your PC.

Microsoft DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1 provide amazing 3D graphics and shading effects. ATI PowerPlay technology delivers up to twice the performance per dollar of previous generations of AMD GPUs. Imagine the combination of 320 stream processors and support for PCI Express 2.0. This is a lethal combo for the most demanding titles. Plug-and-play ATI CrossFireX upgrade ability lets you increase the already stunning 3D performance.

Inside every package lies an assortment of valuable stuff. There are connectors for S-Video to RCA, DVI to VGA, and DVI to HDMI, as well as Crossfire. Conveniently, there is a four-head screwdriver. There is also a manual, sticker, and a driver CD.

The HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX Video Card will provide you astounding game play. It’s HDTV ready, with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600. It has a number of future-proof features as well. Direct X 10 opens the door to a new world of lifelike graphics. What more can you ask for? It already has an effective cooling design and delivers great, breathtaking performance per dollar. It truly offers great value for your money.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer