Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 PlayerThe Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player is an affordable, ultra portable player you can easily clip on your shirt or jeans. It’s small, compact, and is a stylish way to store and listen to your favorite songs.

Comfortable ear phones are in black with silver accents, while the MP3 player itself comes available in either brushed or antique silver. Five interchangeable face plates are included so you can show off your own unique style. Depending on the package, you can have a set of face plates in either pastel or solid colors.

Record or hit play with Mach

Aside from providing 2GB of flash memory for your favorite songs, the Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player also has a built-in FM radio. Though small, it lets you store up to 30 presets of your favorite radio stations for immediate retrieval.

Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 PlayerThe auto scan function automatically scans the airwaves for radio stations to add to the preset list. What’s more is that you can also delete the stations you have added to your favorite presets. You can record music or audio you are listening to on the radio by using the radio record function. The built-in microphone lets you make a recording yourself, as well.

Since this chameleon-like MP3 player can support a variety of audio formats like MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, and WAV, you’ll have no problems regarding compatibility. In addition to being a full-featured music player and recorder, the MP3 player can also function as a standard removable USB flash drive. Basically, the Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player is equipped with everything you’ll need to instantly store and delete files. You can even delete music files directly from the MP3 player unit itself to instantly get storage space. The 2-color OLED display lets you go through the various modes and settings available. You can even see the lyrics of the song that is currently playing.

To further make your music management more convenient, the Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player offers six preset equalizer settings. You can easily select one of six predetermined equalizer settings so you can have more control of the sound. Enjoy music in normal, rock, jazz, classical, pop, or bass setting. Play time can go anywhere between 8 to 10 hours, thanks to its heavy-duty rechargeable battery and automatic off feature. With this power management feature, you get to enjoy hours of music in excellent quality.

With all its noteworthy features, the Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player is a great value product for its price. From its changeable color scheme to its voice recorder function and power management feature, everything’s well thought-out. You just won’t find an MP3 player that boasts better value than this quality offer from Mach Speed.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer