People with a limited budget can still enjoy eye-popping movies and programs in high definition with the Olevia 232V LCD HDTV. This TV provides you with good value for your money. HDTV’s don’t usually come this affordable, so it’s a good opportunity to get this in your living room. Its 32” LCD display is certified to be great for viewing even in brightly-lit rooms.

Even though this HDTV has been refurbished, you can rely on its performance to be just as great as a new one. At the very least, you can be sure that it has undergone rigorous testing before it was repackaged for resale.

Relax and Unwind with this LCD HDTV

The Olevia 232V LCD HDTV features a simple black finish that makes it seem like a good ol’ family TV. It is solidly-built, with two speakers running vertically along the left and right sides of the display. A bright blue LED light comes on to indicate that the display is receiving power. However, the user menu will allow you to disable this light. Power, Menu, Channel up and down, Volume up and down, and Source control buttons line the bottom right of the front panel.

You can toggle through all the potential inputs like VGA, VGA-component, Tuner, Composite, S-video, component, and HDMI while using the source button on the front panel. For convenience, the remote control has a button for this action, along with other functions. Other functions include lighting, aspect ratio, freeze frame, and favorite television channels.

An easy-to-use menu system on the screen makes changing setup, picture, screen, and audio settings a breeze. It’s a wheel-based menu system for setup and calibration. All the controls for the system can be found on the remote.

You just can’t go wrong with the Olevia 232V’s built-in HDTV compatibility. This TV set can display images that are significantly sharper and more realistic than regular television. It can easily render standard-resolution digital TV broadcasts and also depict the full resolution of widescreen DVD video. Because of its wide aspect display, it is ideal for DVD movies recorded in the popular 16:9 format, as well as high definition programming.

Since it features Director’s Image, you can easily fine tune the Olevia 232V LCD HDTV image settings easily. Big Picture Technology plays a big part in providing excellent analog and digital broadcast images that look larger than usual. Picture quality is indeed great with the TV’s 1600:1 dynamic contrast and 1366×768 resolution. With the comfortable 178-degree viewing angle, you can be sure everyone in the room gets to view images clearly.

The Olevia 232V LCD HDTV supports NTSC, ATSC, and high definition programming in 720p, and 1080i. It really does let you enjoy high-definition viewing at an affordable price.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer