Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone – BlackWhoever said that businesses can’t have a little bit of fun? A workplace doesn’t have to daunt you with dull white and silver office equipment.

Work can be quite fun—especially when you equip your office with the Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone in black. Read on and find out what this remarkable PC can offer for you.

Build the PC you want

First of all, you can personalize your KPC K45 with MyKover. You can easily install an image in the front panel in just a few simple steps.

Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone - BlackYou can add customized images and brighten your day in the office. Just by inserting a photo or a downloadable panel image, you instantly get to create a unique PC.

For such a low price, you get to enjoy an energy-efficient and versatile system. Based on the Intel 945GC chip set, this barebone can support power-saving and current dual-core processors. Since it has small dimensions as well, you get to enjoy a bigger space in the office. Create a clutter-free workstation that’s comprised of PCs that boast high energy-efficiency ratings. You can easily run applications for web browsing, e-mail, or text documents while helping our world conserve energy.

Having the biggest and fastest PC in the office is no longer necessary. At the rate we consume energy, it’s already high time we get the energy-saving Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone. This PC consumes only 30w when in idle mode and even at its peak, 55w less power is consumed.

The Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone features support for Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Dual-Core E2000 series, and Celeron D 400 series processors. It can also support FSBs running at 533, 800, 1066, and 1333 MHz. Memory-wise, this little PC can support a dual channel configuration running at either 533 or 667 MHz. Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 BarebonesFeaturing Dynamic Video Memory Technology(DVMT)3.0, it can support up to 224MB of Video memory. The Intel GMA 950 video chipset has a powerful 400MHz core and DirectX 9 3D hardware acceleration. So, you not only get to help save the planet. You also get to enjoy vivid visuals.

The green mini-PC has space for two hard drives and can be optionally equipped with WLAN. It is designed to be the eco-friendly option for people working in the office. It is touted to produce less noise than the standard cooler, thus letting you work without being distracted.

Keeping up with the green movement, all of the components in the Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone follow strict standards of RoHS and green guideline. It is indeed one of the most affordable and easy-to-use solutions for office computing today. It comes with USB and extensive I/O ports for easy expansion. Just a few touches and you can have access to the Internet, your PDA, mobile phone, Bluetooth, WiFi, MP3 player, printer, DVD RW, and external hard drive.

The Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone is a truly wonderful invention. Green computing is taken to new heights with this easily customizable and upgradeable barebones.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer