AMD Opteron 1210 Processor Optimize the productivity of your business while enjoying the perks of having a reliable and steadfast CPU that will never let you down.

The second-generation AMD Opteron 1210 Processor is armed with abundant features like the AMD Virtualization technology and Enhanced 3DNow!, and it is sure to yield impressive end results, whatever the task may be.

The Processor That Works for You

This processor, which runs at a speed of 1800 MHz, is equipped with 2MB of L2 cache. These numbers determine how fast your processor is able to process and transport data.

AMD Opteron 1210 Processor OSA1222CZBOXTo translate it to a non-techie language, the speed is what determines how fast instructions are delivered and the cache size determines how much data can be delivered per clock cycle.

You see, the cache is the temporary bin for files so that the computer can access the much-used files for easier alterations. The bigger the cache, the faster the clock speeds, the faster your computer responds to your requests. And to further translate these numbers, these digits are sure to give you a remarkable performance.

Equipped with AMD Virtualization technology, the AMD Opteron 1210 Processor gives you rapid implementation of the virtualization environments. These environments can give you assistance when accommodating larger numbers of users, transactions and resource intensive applications in a virtual environment. This is ideal for business use.

Media savvies can still enjoy this processor even though it has a business feel to it. The AMD Opteron 1210 boasts 3DNow! Professional technology, which increases the 3D-intensive calculation capabilities of your system and, in effect, enhances the quality of your unit’s visual presentation. Basically, the AMD Opteron 1210 not only lets you do the heavy tasks for your business needs (or even simple office or school work), but it also gives you the luxury of vivid graphics for movie marathons or picturesque details for unforgettable gaming sessions.

AMD Opteron 64 ProcessorBecause of its Direct Connect Architecture, the AMD Opteron 1210 Processor can maximize memory performance. In this architecture, the memory is directly connected to the CPU. This increases the speed of the system, of course. It also has the on-die RDDR2 Memory Controller which increases the memory performance and bandwidth per CPU. It produces low interruptions for a faster memory access. This feature is only available with AMD64 processors.

Upgrades, too, are always welcome with the AMD Opteron 1210 processor. If tasks start piling in and they suddenly become more demanding, you can always upgrade to quad-core processor technology. The quad-core technology is the latest of its kind right now which is designed for multiple intensive tasks. The upgradeable design of the AMD Opteron 1210 processor will give you full control and the power to decide what your computer will be like.

This feature-rich processor is sure to give you what you want. The AMD Opteron 1210 processor can cater to the demanding world of business processing and can still produce competitive results that only AMD can provide. But behind those serious aspects, this processor still provides some fun with its excellent multimedia features.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer