Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks - Ergonomic Design, 2.4 GHzUsing the built-in touch pad to navigate your laptop can be a bit tricky. You may already have gotten used to controlling the pointer with a mouse. For superior comfort and reliability at a great price, you should try the one from an industry-leading company.

Try the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse to help you with your mobile computing.

Point and Click without any Trouble

It’s understandable that a mouse’s exterior is one thing to consider before making your purchase. But from the inside out, you won’t find anything wrong about this optical mouse. You’ll just love the way it looks so good and performs so well!

Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks
For one thing, optical mice are deemed to be more precise than their older brethren. Additionally, it’s relatively small and lightweight. The lack of a cord also adds to its appeal. You’ll have the freedom to take the mouse anywhere, as well as the convenience of cable-free storage.

Designed for optimum convenience and comfort, the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse features a pleasing, ergonomic construction. This notebook mouse has soft side grips, finger grooves, and a contoured shape to support your hand. A rubber scroll wheel and sculpted keys further enhance the finger and wrist support. Its ambidextrous design even allows lefties to use it without a hassle.

The Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse boasts a 2.4 GHz frequency. That frequency gives this Logitech amazing connection stability and reliability. It’s safe to say that you’ll never experience any sort of connection disruption between the mouse and your computer. Its 1000 dpi resolution makes it about 2.5 times more responsive than standard optical mice. You will no longer experience delays and dropouts preventing you from being more productive.

Thanks to its Invisible Light™ optical technology, you get better tracking and less power consumption. This mechanical rodent can give you up to 6 months of battery life. The Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom™ feature lets you scroll side-to-side, and zoom in or out without effort. That’s another convenient feature you’ll enjoy! Of course, it’s already obvious that the scroll wheel is a great innovation in standard mice design. The wheel makes it easier to quickly scan documents and web pages.

Aside from all these cool features, the high-performance mouse has another thing worth mentioning, though. It has a storable micro-receiver. A good receiver is very important for mouse accuracy, and the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse has a very dependable sidekick. It can be easily stored inside the mouse for your convenience. The receiver acts as the “switch,” for turning the mouse on and off. Immediately after taking the receiver off the mouse, the mouse becomes ready for use. The opposite happens once the receiver is back in.

All these features can provide better comfort and convenience in notebook navigation than a mere touch pad. With the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse, you’ll have a wonderful time breezing through applications and whatnot.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer