Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PCIf you are a web-surfing, instant messaging, online photo swapper who’s looking for a simple computer that’s just as affordable as it is space-saving, then the Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC may be the ideal PC for you.

Space constraints and budget limit the range of computers available for some consumers, and Systemax – the premiere company that sells built-to-order desktops – now offers a great, simple solution in a variety of upgrade options. This feature-rich PC is more than an attractive computer that not only fits just about anywhere, but it will look great in an office or the family room.

Small PC, Big Options

This built-to-order PC doesn’t come available with an operating system, but that just means you have the freedom to choose which OS to use.

Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC If you want to turn the Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC into a home theatre PC with Windows Media Center functionality, all you have to do is install Windows Vista Home Premium, or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Packed with all the right stuff for a reliable computer system, the Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC has a CDRW/DVD Combo Drive that lets you run and burn DVD movies, listen to CDs, and also record data, music and movies on CDs. This mini PC is obviously designed for an entertainment center because it comes with a video cable for connecting it to any TV monitor or display that has super, composite, or component video inputs. The flexible Mini also has connections for Firewire, USB, audio, and both wired and wireless LAN, although optional wireless connectivity is made available through the purchase of a Wireless 802.11 b/g Mini PCIe Card and antenna.

Giving other similar 2” tall, 6.5” square mini PCs a run for its money, the Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC has a stylishly black exterior and offers a fast 2.0 GHZ Intel Celeron 550 processor, and an 80GB 2.5″ 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive. By just dishing out a bit more, you can upgrade the processor to an Intel Core2 Duo T5550, and the hard drive into a 160GB storage wonder. Another available option is to double the amount of its standard 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 memory, giving you double the benefits of having a fast-running 667MHz RAM in your mini PC.

Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC

With all these choices, including optional speakers, keyboard and mouse peripherals, the Systemax NO OS BTO Mini PC is clearly giving any budget-limited consumer the freedom to add more memory, upgrade the hard drive, and replace the processor with a faster one. This sleek and compact computing device is backed up by one whole year of warranty on parts and labor for reliability and quality. Surely anyone will enjoy running basic office applications, listening to their favorite music, watching videos and movies, and chatting online practically anywhere with such a simple, mini PC that is budget-friendly, portable, and space-saving.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer