Bargain hunters can easily spot a good deal when they see one. For sure, they’ll keep an eye on this home theater bundle. Enjoy 1080p high definition with the Toshiba 32RV530U Regza LCD TV .

For one low price, you get a reliable HDTV, a great home theater system, and a capable DVD player. Buying the whole package means instant home entertainment for people on a budget!

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It takes center stage in your living room with its classy design. The 32” widescreen will entice anyone to hang out in your family room or den. You can hang it against the wall of your chimney. You can also choose to use its stable base and put it inside your home theatre cabinet. Set up the TV instantly with the easy-to-follow user manual. Then prepare to be blown away by the amazing performance, picture quality, and its many enhancements.

With its full HD, there’s no need to scale down from the 1080 signal. This 31-pound TV is certainly a heavyweight in terms of image quality. It offers twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models. Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital tuning lets you get standard cable channels as well as off-air digital broadcasts, in addition to digital “cable-in-the-clear” broadcasts. Three user-selectable Color Temperature settings let you change the overall white balance.

The “warm” setting delivers a redder image that is ideal for display in a dimly lit room. Choose “medium” and “cool” if you want bluer images for the best picture in a brighter room. The available Theater Wide modes, meanwhile, let you display HDTV signals as well as movies enhanced for widescreen TV. Three different modes let you display letterboxed images.

Toshiba television connection diagram

A great home theatre is never complete without a high-performance audio system. The Yamaha YHT-390BL Home Theater System fits the bill as the most basic yet reliable system around. From this system, you get a 100W 5-channel receiver, five speakers, and a 100W subwoofer. All these components will give you the audio clarity you need for spectacular entertainment at home.

The receiver features four SCENE buttons to make operation easier and quicker. Default settings include DVD Viewing, Disc Listening, TV Viewing, and Radio Listening. Automatically launch a number of operations that initiate playback from a variety of sources after only a few button presses. You can also set the receiver to listen to iPod or XM, or view TV sports and play action games. You can also enjoy music wirelessly from Bluetooth enabled devices. Other notable features include support for HDMI and 6-channel extension audio input. Enjoy sounds from front (left, center, right) and rear (surround left and right) speakers, and subwoofer.

Yamaha Home Theater connection options

The included Onkyo DVSP405 DVD Player adds to the home theatre experience. This slim DVD player features a black exterior to complement the rest of the bundle. It is a high-performance solution for playback of your video and audio media. It supports DVD-video, Video-CD, video dualdisc, audio-CD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW. It is compatible with files in MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, DivX and JPEG formats as well.

For a great home entertainment experience, consider this deal. The Toshiba 32RV530U Regza LCD TV, Yamaha YHT-390BL Home Theater, and Onkyo DVSP405 DVD Player will give you what you need for wonderful entertainment at home. Its great price just increases its value. Can you find a better deal than this?

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer