Say what you want to say, but there’s still quite nothing like a big and beautiful display. It brings your desktop to life and makes you feel as if you can grab things right out of it.

Really, there’s no question that these large format displays elicit an immediate impact among us. If you’re convinced, then waste no time and take a look at the gorgeous LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor. Here we have a display that dazzles us not only with its sheer size but with its high performance specifications as well.

Set your Sight on the Widescreen LCD

One thing you’ll notice right away about the LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor is that it looks slim and sexy. It is exactly how a modern display should look. With a glossy black finish and an equally polished circular base, this display proves that it can please your actual screen.

And have we mentioned that this display is big? With a maximum viewable screen size of contemporary tastes. Its bezel, while not the narrowest available, still looks seamless with 19 inches. You will have much to adore since it is perfect down to the last pixel. The large screen works beautifully not just for increasing work productivity, but for entertainment purposes as well. Surely, movies or games just won’t have the same visual impact when viewed on a smaller display.

Take the LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor for a test drive and you will be instantly impressed— proving that its size is just a part of the prize. Capable of displaying a little over 16 million colors at a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, the images you see are nothing short of amazing. They’re vibrant, brilliant and rich in color, thus affording you a supreme viewing experience.

That aside, the LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor utilizes LG’s DFC technology, which gives the display a deep contrast ratio of 5000:1 that helps movies retain their three-dimensional look. In other words, they don’t come out looking flat and lifeless. More so, DFC technology lets the display render deeper blacks for added dimension. When used in MOVIE MODE, this technology optimizes the brightness levels to ensure pure visual bliss. Likewise, a lightning fast 2ms response time guarantees that the transition from image to image is extremely seamless without a hint of image ghosting in sight.

LG L196WTQ 19

The LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor boasts several features as well that enhance its functionality. One of these is the ez Zooming feature, which allows you to adjust the resolution with the press of a single button. With the 4:3 Aspect Ratio Control, you can still view 4:3 images without experiencing image distortion. Wide viewing angles of 170 degrees ensure the image remains vibrant, whatever or wherever your position is. All these extras truly make the LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor the one to own.

Once again, the LG L196WTQ Widescreen LCD Monitor proves there’s nothing like a big, beautiful display. You won’t regret getting this monitor; it will allow you to see your desktop from a grander perspective.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer