What do you get when you combine two important pieces of home entertainment equipment? The answer is an innovative compact unit which can be easily placed anywhere around the house.

This is what the innovative people of Toshiba came up with when they decided to enhance their LCD TV lineup by coming up with a smart combination model like the Toshiba 19LV506 LCD HDTV/DVD Combo. Don’t you just love the idea of getting an HDTV and a DVD for nearly the price of just one television set?

Play a Variety of Media on this Combo

The Toshiba 19LV506 can simply be regarded as a 19” LCD television set with a special added feature— a slot-loading DVD player on its left side! This added feature allows you to play WMA, MP3, JPEG, DIVX files, and all the major DVD formats.

You can slip in a DVD-R/DVD-RW or a CD-R/CD-RW disc in the slot and still expect the versatile TV to deliver the music or movie you are expecting to get.

Its 19” widescreen offers a spectacular 1680×1050 pixel resolution that anyone will surely enjoy. With a 800:1 contrast ratio, the LCD HDTV brings more than enough picture quality for great visual entertainment. The ratio is more than enough so you get to see images with good shading and deep enough blacks.

Other features make this fascinating LCD TV even more unique. The Closed Captioning capabilities, for example, can be useful if you want to watch TV without having the volume turned up, or for the benefit of the hearing impaired. The V-Chip Parental Control System is a feature that allows adults, or more particularly, parents, to limit the types of programs their children can watch. This TV feature works by blocking out the video and audio of any program that has a rating beyond the selected level. Anyone who would like to watch the blocked program will simply have to input their secret code.

Like all HDTVs, there is a built-in digital tuning for ATSC, NTSC, and QAM so you can receive practically all broadcasts from different networks, as well as off-air digital broadcasts, in addition to digital “cable-in-the-clear” broadcasts.

Toshiba 19LV506 LCD HDTV/DVD Combo

The Toshiba 19LV506 comes with bottom mounted stereo speakers with bass/treble balance controls. These speakers are more than adequate, but if you want to integrate the TV to your home entertainment system, there is a Dolby® Digital and DTS® Compatible Output available. Inputs for HDMI, ColorStream® HD Component Video, S-Video, RCA Video, and PC are also available, together with a digital audio output for DVD and a headphone jack.

It is also good to note this TV is an Energy Star qualified product that uses a fraction of the energy used by standard models. This helps in preventing global warming and is capable of promoting cleaner air without sacrificing quality and performance.

The 2.64” chassis depth and glossy white bezel make this impressive HDTV a stunning part of your home. With an eye-pleasing exterior, great terminal flexibility, brilliant display, and all its other convenient features, you just won’t find a better two-in-one TV than the Toshiba 19LV506 LCD HDTV/DVD Combo.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer