Intel Xeon E5335 Processor BX80563E5335AIn a way, processors come in three leagues, with one for the mainstream home PC, another for the gamers, and the third for server systems. A server chip is very important because it determines the consumer qualities of a server computer. The server is required to quickly respond to your requests regardless of how overworked it already is. It must be fast and reliable at performing tasks.

Cost only comes second to the overall performance and dependability required in such a chip. Now imagine a low-cost, high-performance server processor readily available in the market. The Intel Xeon E5335 Processor is capable of such a feat.

Keeps your Data Running at Top Speed

A server processor should be very reliable as it has to deal with very valuable data. Thankfully, the Intel Xeon E5335 Processor has been designed to be just that. It’s a quad-core processor with a 2 GHz clock speed and a 1333 MHz FSB speed.

Intel Xeon E5335 Processor BX80563E5335A Designed with Intel娉۪s 64 Architecture, the Intel Xeon E5335 is a native 64-bit server processor Рcapable of the latest 64-bit computing. Since it supports larger data sets and both 32- and 64-bit applications, a server based on the Intel Xeon E5335 processor can easily adapt and move on to the next level of computing.

This processor is also based on a 65 nanometer fabrication process combining high performance with the power efficiencies of low-power Intel Coreâ„¢ micro-architecture cores. This quad-core basically consists of two die, each containing two processor cores. 4 MB Level 2 cache is shared per die for a total 8 MB total cache per processor. The ever-dependable quad-core has a thermal design power of 80 watts, which is relatively lower compared to the other server processors available. The processor should meet this efficient level of power usage even while running known power-intensive applications.

With features such as Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology and Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), you will have a truly capable yet energy saving system. Speedstep Technology provides power management capabilities to servers and workstations. Paired up with the Virtual Machine Monitor software, Intel® VT offers processor virtualization that enables multiple, robust independent software environments inside a single platform. You get more performance headroom and enhanced reliability.

Additionally, the Intel Xeon E5335 Processor supports the Execute Disable Bit functionality. This Execute Disable Bit feature will allow memory to be marked as executable or non-executable.

Intel Xeon E5335 Processor BX80563E5335A It simply protects the system from some classes of viruses, and thus helps improve the overall security of the system.

With the headroom and performance the Intel Xeon E5335 Processor can deliver, you can confidently combine applications onto fewer systems. Expect high performance-per –watt ratings in a processor that can run virtual environments while minimizing overall heat. That gives you more performance per square foot in the server room.

Simply put, the Intel Xeon E5335 Processor is the perfect server processor for your business. It is feature-rich and future-proof, and comes with a low price as well. Nothing can get better than this.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer