Olympus FE-340Capturing the moments that make life so wonderful has never been this easy until the advent of digital cameras. Free from the additional expenses that film cameras incur, digital cameras have become terribly popular in our generation.

Fix your attention on the Olympus FE-340, a digital camera that is both affordable and capable. It’s simply a powerful camera that takes excellent pictures without hurting your budget.

Take Pictures of High-Quality Resolution

Before you even take your first picture with the Olympus FE-340 you get the feeling that it’s indeed going to be a great experience. Hold it in your hands, and take a moment to appreciate its sleek, slim design and glossy finish.

Olympus FE-340 Digital Camera It is so compact that you’ll feel the urge to take it anywhere you go since it never encumbers you. The well laid-out buttons feel aptly-sized; as such, you are always in control of the camera.

Once you finish examining its exterior, take a snapshot of something, and let the picture’s overall quality astonish you. It all begins with the high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder, which lets you compose images excellently. Not only is the LCD screen vivid, its mere size lets you see the finer details of the image you’re taking.

Thanks to its 1/2.35-inch 8-megapixel CCD sensor, you can take pictures with resolutions of up to 3264 x 2448 or videos with a 640 x 480 resolution. At those resolutions, every detail of the scene is visible, even the tiniest of them. What’s more, while many other camera models in the same price range can only offer 3x zoom, the Olympus FE-340 and its 5x optical zoom capability give you the power to close in on the action more. And this is perhaps one of the best features found in this camera.

Olympus FE-340 Digital Camera

More than anything else, the Olympus FE-340 is a remarkable camera for beginners since it boasts 19 shooting modes for a variety of situations. Now you don’t have to manually adjust the settings to take the best-looking pictures in a particular shooting environment. The camera does that for you.

Olympus FE-340 Digital Camera

Likewise, with Face Detection and Digital Image Stabilization technology, your pictures come out as if they had been taken by a real pro. Every image looks sharp and free from blur. And when shooting with its built-in flash, the camera automatically aids in trying to eliminate red-eye from your photos. It even has a Smile Shot feature, which detects when one is smiling, and then takes three consecutive shots to make sure you capture that perfect smile. There’s no doubt you’ll impress everyone with the great photos you’re going to take with this camera.

Consider getting the Olympus FE-340 if what you need is an easy-to-use camera that’s dedicated to capturing images at great quality. With a very budget-friendly price, it won’t be surprising if everyone starts getting one for themselves. It is simply that appealing.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer