Xerox 108R00726 Solid Ink BlackBlack ink has been used long before the invention of the printing press. With the constant innovation for new printing technologies, the common black ink that used to come available in cartridges now comes ready in a neat, solidified form.

Thanks to Xerox, the company well known for quality office equipment, black solid inks can now be used for quick production of brilliant, vibrant prints. Made for stocking up the Phaser 8560MFP or Phaser 8560 color printers, the Xerox 108R00726 contains three solid inks in black.

You can never get enough Black Ink

Black is the most commonly used color in the printing world, so ample supply is most needed with regard to printing documents and clear images. Three solid ink blocks are already good for an average of 3,400 pages, which means that stocking up on a Xerox 108R00726 package will last you for months.

Xerox 108R00726 Solid Ink Black (3 Sticks) Because of its price and size, you can even stock up on a lot of these without having to worry about the budget and storage space.

Enjoy all the benefits of having solid inks. Even in replenishment of the ink supply, solid inks are easier to handle. Unlike liquid ink, the resin-based solid blocks do not rub off on hands or clothing because they obviously cannot leak or spill. Since each solid black ink does not need an ink cartridge, people who use these wonders will help reduce the daily amount of waste byproducts in printing documents.

Solid ink technology is not only environment friendly, but it also offers color printing benefits like no other. For starters, each black solid ink is already shape-coded to avoid mixing up the colors in the ink slots of the printer. You can add more ink blocks in the proper slot even while the printer is running. They don’t bleed or spread out on the paper. Likewise, they can easily bind on almost any type of print media (such as inexpensive office paper, special letterhead, coated card stock, transparencies, and simple recycled paper). And upon paper contact, the molten ink cools and solidifies instantly to deliver rich colors.

Because you’re printing out solidified ink, consistent color quality is produced page after page. You actually get blacker blacks by printing in solid ink than laser. Application of the ink onto paper is done accurately due to the specially calibrated print head of a Phaser 8560MFP or Phaser 8560 color printer. The simplicity of the solid ink imaging process allows you to print more documents in less time.

For its easy maintenance, low impact on the environment, fast printing process, and convenience, the Xerox 108R00726 is certainly an asset in the printing world. If you want to enjoy printing pages of perfectly printed documents in the blackest black, get a solid ink printer and stock on black solid inks. You will not only help preserve our resources, you will also save valuable time and money.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer