Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PCSome desktop PCs are built for gaming. Some are built for simple computing.

But if what you’re looking for is a desktop PC that can act as the center for all your multimedia needs, then check out Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC. Here we have a PC you can station in your living room to operate as a multimedia center device.

Slim and Compact but Big in Performance

The form factor of the Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC alone should give you a clue that this isn’t exactly your average, everyday PC. Its chassis is very slim and compact, making it easy to fit not just on the desktop, but also in tight cabinets where stereo equipment usually go.

Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC Its horizontal orientation allows it to perfectly blend in with the rest of your multimedia components. In fact, it actually looks more like an audio receiver than a real PC, and is considered quite an elegant device with its pure black finish and low key front panel. Simply by the looks of it, this PC will be the perfect addition to your home theater.

The Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC’s performance is quite the crowd-pleaser as well. Featuring a dual-core AMD64 X2 4200+ processor and 2 gigabytes of DDR2 RAM, this PC has enough processing power to run digital media applications free of hiccups. Not only that, but its processing power proficiently handles other computing tasks too, including basic productivity and multimedia editing.

Equipped with an ATI Radeon 3200 onboard graphics processing unit (GPU), watching movies is truly a delight—visuals look crystal clear and vivid. Even high-definition media such as BluRay and PC games run smoothly all thanks to this powerful GPU. And since the PC has CrossFire support, you’ll be able to add another ATI graphics card into the configuration for enhanced graphics performance.

On the other hand, a 500-gigabyte hard drive allows you to store a huge amount of multimedia files and other documents as well. Through its optical DVD drive, watching movies is but a few button presses away. The PC runs on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, which comes with Windows Media Center Edition software. With this software, managing all your multimedia files is an easier task. Without question, this PC reaffirms it truly is the one to own for digital media enthusiasts.

What makes the Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC extremely impressive as a multimedia hub is its support for next-generation video and audio standards. Enjoy the best image signal possible through the PC’s HDMI output.

Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC With support for 7.1 surround sound, you will be pleased with both the visual and sounds. Ultimately, the Visionman PC provides a complete multimedia experience for you and your family. For a truly integrated multimedia solution, connect a TV tuner as well, and you’ll have a worthy media center.

All things considered, digital media enthusiasts will find themselves endeared to Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC. Built to be a multimedia center, the PC is unsurprisingly powerful—and not just when playing a movie and the like, but for other common computing tasks as well. There’s no question you will like the way how Visionman simplifies your digital lifestyle.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer