iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer What makes the ultimate gamers’ computer? If it’s the strength and reliability of the processing power and unsurpassable graphic display, then without a doubt, iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer is definitely the ultimate gamers’ computer.

It will not leave you frustrated and just stop working in the middle of a great battle and, at the same time, it offers high-quality images that will take your gaming experience a lot closer to reality.

Quad Core Performance you can Count on

The iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer runs with an Intel Core Quad Q6600 processor. If you don’t know what that means, let’s just put it this way: with this processor, you’ll get the best performance from a personal computer to date. It has four processing cores, meaning it can handle the most intensive jobs you can imagine.

 iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer This unit can do it all no matter how many jobs there are – all at once! This machine redefines multi-tasking. Its processor is also equipped with the Inter Advanced Digital Media Boost which will accelerate all those multimedia jobs.

The motherboard is not just any ordinary motherboard. It runs with an Asus P5KPL-VM Mainboard. Packed with performance features, connectivity options, and amazing stability, this is one impressive motherboard. It even has 6-channel high-definition audio, so expect its sound to be really delightful.

A standard gaming computer has 2GB of RAM, but because iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel gaming computer is beyond standard, it can run up to 8GB of RAM! You do the math. With that capability, you’ll be getting the most out of your games. Not only that, but the PC comes packed with 2GB DDR2-800 RAM, resulting in amazing overall performance for gaming and more. That much said, you may think you have enough reason to buy yourself your very own iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer. But the class-A specs of this gaming computer do not stop there. It features a 500GB hard disk, perfect for installing a lot of games and saving files.

iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer

In search for that perfect graphic card that will blow your mind with its display features? Don’t worry. This desktop is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB. When NVIDIA says this graphic card is the perfect combination of power, performance, and price, you have to believe them. It has 112 stream processors and a 256-bit frame buffer interface running at 900MHz. iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer is compatible with the sizzling hot DirectX10 technology, so you can experience detailed and super fast game play.

iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer

Versatility is definitely not forgotten in this masterpiece. This computer has a DVDROM and DVDRW for burning those data files, and a built-in card reader for an easier transfer of files. To top it all, it runs in a Vista Home Premium, Windows’ latest operating system. You see, this iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel gaming computer offers only the best, without question.

Dedicated gamers who want an unbeatable processor and unparalleled graphic display – to name a few- should write iBuypower Gamer 921-GQ Intel Gaming Computer in their must-haves. You will not be disappointed once you get a hold of this ultimate gaming machine.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer