KODAK SCANMATE i1120 ScannerIn a busy office, hard copies of files and other paper documents pile up so quickly—and truth be told, it can be messy trying to keep all of them filed neatly. Thankfully though, not all of them have to stay in hard copy format since some can just be stored away on your computer.

To do so, you simply need a scanner. More specifically, you need the KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner. This user-friendly scanner is what will make managing documents in the office or at home much easier.

Scan and Save Documents Safely Onto Your Computer

One of the most remarkable things about the KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner is that it bears a small footprint. With its slim dimensions, you can easily place it on virtually any table top, and you’ll still have much room to spare.

Kodak ScanMate i1120 Sheetfed Scanner This makes it perfect for the company that values every inch of their office space. It works silently too, so it won’t distract employees from concentrating on their work.

This scanner is also incredibly easy to install. Taking no less than an hour to set up, your office will take advantage of its features instantly. All it takes is one simple USB connection, and the bundled software prepares everything else. Once that’s done, you’re all set. It offers the same kind of plug-and-play simplicity as other USB devices do—the kind which busy offices just can’t take for granted.

Likewise, the KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner is as easy to use as it is to install. With its smart touch feature, you only need to push a button for it to begin scanning. Press the top button to scroll through the task shortcuts (visible on the LED display), and once you’ve found the right one, just press the button below to execute it. Once you push that button, you’ll realize just how versatile this scanner is as it lets you scan into different formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, RTF and searchable PDF.

Kodak ScanMate i1120 Sheetfed Scanner

What’s more, you can scan almost any imaginable office document from a simple business card to a full-size 34-inch document. Scan in color, grayscale, black-and-white, one-sided or even two-sided. This scanner gives you the flexibility that you want. You can even scan directly into e-mail. You’ll also finish scanning tasks quickly since this scanner has a scan speed of up to 20 PPM. Lastly, since KODAK has never been one to fall short on imaging technologies, expect nothing but exceptional image quality from this scanner. It has a maximum image resolution of 600 DPI, which means that scanned documents come out looking crisp and clear.

The KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner will help you manage your office documents. It’s compact, capable and a complete desktop imaging solution that won’t leave you penniless.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer