Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital CameraEven the average Joe can now become an instant professional photographer with the Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera. Imagine a cross between a digital camera and a DSLR—that’s basically what this impressive camera really is.

The “FS” in the name of this FinePix model stands for film simulation because it has a film simulation option akin to the FinePix S5 Pro SLR model.

Take Advantage of Several Photography Modes

Since the Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera is an SLR-styled camera, it provides a great alternative camera for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers.

 Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera It has the manual controls and functionality of a DSLR without the bulk, hassle and expense of additional lenses and other accessories.

Enjoy its 14.3x manual zoom lens, 11 Megapixel image sensor, 2.5” tilt-capable LCD and ISO capabilities of up to ISO 6400 at 6 Megapixels and an incredible ISO 10,000 at 3 Megapixels.

This groundbreaking camera is designed to provide ease of use and shooting versatility. Fujifilm’s acclaimed Face Detection 2.0 Technology has automatic red-eye removal. The technology corrects red eye directly after a shot is taken and saves both the original image and the corrected file. With this kind of thoughtful feature, you can compare two versions of the same image in playback mode so you can select the best one.

Optical Image Stabilization system greatly reduces blurry images caused by shaky hands. A specially designed lens, however, really sets this fine camera from the rest of the pack. It actually redefines the way you think about a compact digital camera. Its breakthrough design allows the lens to achieve maximum resolution at focal lengths from 28mm to 400mm equivalents and apertures from wide angle to telephoto.

Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera

The composite body and lens structure allows no dirt and dust to enter into the CCD. The lens is perfectly matched to the sensor and aligned for the best possible results. Mechanical zoom lets you frame images with fingertip precision that nearly matches that of a high end DSLR.

The film simulation modes, which were first seen in the Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera’s DSLR cousin, is one of the most highlighted features of the digital camera. You get to choose the ideal “film” mode for your shots. Choose one of four modes that can be used for portraiture, low-contrast, vibrant colors, or general use. The unique film simulation mode settings actually expand the camera’s dynamic range! You now get an extended dynamic range (100%, 200%, 400%) similar to that of negative film. This truly unique feature preserves subtle highlights and shadow tones and prevents harsh clipping whatever the subject.

Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera

Since the Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera is essentially a point-and-shoot, you not only get to capture images in both JPEG and RAW format, but you’ll also get to capture movies. Select movie mode and record footages with sound at 30 frames per second in VGA quality.You can even zoom in and out manually while in movie mode.

All these fantastic features make the Fuji S100FS FinePix Digital Camera an ideal choice for amateurs. The cleverly designed camera perfectly combines dynamic point-and-shoot qualities with that of a professional’s camera.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer