HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop ComputerIf you want mainstream performance and essential security in a space-saving computer, then you have to try the HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer. It boasts an ultra small form factor, which nonetheless has an optimized thermal design that can help cool system components.

This is great, because properly cooled system components mean long PC life. And long PC life is essential for businesses looking for a way to reduce equipment expenses and operational costs.

Energy-Efficient PC Cuts down on Electricity Costs

The OS is one of the best things about this space-saving, business computer. With Windows Vista Ultimate installed, you get everything the rest of the Vista editions has to offer. This Ultimate edition combines advanced security with superb digital entertainment. The addition of this OS is not surprising, because the HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer features integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 3100, among other things.

 HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer This will let you watch your favorite videos and movies, and do some light graphic design work involving 2D images and vectors. If you think IGP is not enough, you can easily install graphics cards using the available PCI-Express slots. These slots will help you configure the system with dual monitors, if you wish.

Easily access storage media with the DVD±RW/RAM dual layer optical drive with Lightscribe and 16-in-1 media reader. You can easily store and retrieve your precious JPEGs and MP3s with these components. And with the optical drive, burn important files on DVDs and even design the DVD surface yourself. Personalize your DVDs with Lightscribe technology.

Every HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer has Intel® Q33 for its chipset which makes it support upcoming 45nm processors. You can easily upgrade your computer with the latest technology available, so it can support new Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors. Since a capable chipset would need an equally capable processor, this compact desktop from HP has the Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core E2200. The energy-efficient processor has a core clock and FSB speeds of 2.20GHz and 800MHz, respectively. These numbers mean great power for running your basic office applications. 1GB of upgradeable DDR2 RAM is available for quick multi-tasking between applications. 160GB of hard drive is more than enough storage space for all your files.

HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer

The inclusion of an 80% efficient power supply adds to the desktop PC’s energy efficiency. 80% is certainly a lot considering that power supplies for desktop computers range from around 65% to 75% efficiency nowadays. This efficient power supply checks even idle wattage when you’re not using the computer. Now you can enjoy the system performance you expect, while not having to spend too much on system maintenance.

HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer

Embedded TPM 1.2 provides the security you need for enhanced data protection. The HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer comes equipped with additional manageability and security features. These features range from access to a suite of client management tools from a single integrated console and minimum 12-month product life cycle, to a single software image designed for use across the entire platform, and worldwide configurations for global corporations.

The HP dc5800 KA421UT Intel Desktop Computer combines Vista Ultimate’s power, security, and mobility features with the excellent performance of energy-efficient components. This is truly the ideal desktop for environment-conscious businesses today.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer