HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PCMainstream users looking for a desktop computer built for everyday computing will love the HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC. A great value product for its price.

Such a carefully refurbished PC is certified to be in great working condition because of the rigorous testing and inspection it has gone through.

The Kind Of Performance You Want for Less

Providing economical high-performance computing, this versatile desktop has a mini-tower form factor for home or office use. It is best suited for multi-threaded applications, as well as basic computing tasks like word processing, email, and Web browsing.

HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC The PC’s Intel® G33 Express chipset provides support for upcoming 45nm processors. The dual-channel DDR3 memory support enhances its already outstanding performance and energy efficiency.

The HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC houses an Intel® Pentium® Dual Core E E2180 processor. This powerful processor runs a satisfying 2.0 GHz clock speed and an 800MHz Front Side Bus. Data is processed through 1MB of L2 cache. For having a future-proof chipset and competent processor, this refurbished HP Pavilion will let you enjoy your MP3s, digital editing suites, and office applications consistently everyday.

3GB of DDR2 RAM will let you breeze through the most demanding tasks and 400GB of hard drive space gives you ample storage space for your JPEG files, Word documents, and even games. With just a little upgrade, you can add up to 8GB of memory in the future, if you wish, and be ready for the most demanding of video games. The integrated Intel GMA3100 graphics is enough for watching DVDs and streamed videos, but you can just as easily install a high performance graphics card using the available PCI-express x16 slot.

HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC

The included DVD±RW/RAM optical drive will let you watch and burn movies onto DVDs or CDs. You’ll get to take full advantage of multimedia entertainment and digital data storage. With the Lightscribe software, you can personalize your DVDs tastefully. Your friends and family will love the durable design etched on the media discs you’ll be giving to them. Aside from this drive, access saved data using the 15-in-1 media reader. Fast access to memory cards allows you to instantly start your photo editing sessions.

HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC

The integrated gigabit LAN and modem offers online access via dial-up, DSL, or cable, and even allows you to connect to your home network and your other computers. Firewire and USB ports, as well as audio jacks, can easily be accessed for instant connection and fast data transfer with external devices. Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium Edition sets up the perfect platform for all your daily computing tasks. This OS lets you edit digital photos and video clips instantly.

You just can’t deny that you’ll have a wonderful time using the space-saving HP Pavilion a6342p Refurbished Intel Desktop PC. It stands out for delivering great performance and functionality at an affordable price.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer