Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS More than anything else, simplicity and convenience are really the things we want when looking for a GPS device. What good would a GPS device be if it complicates things rather than simplifies them?

For superb performance and extreme ease-of-use, the Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS device certainly makes a strong case. Not only is it convenient and powerful, it is also full of features that make traveling a lighter and more enjoyable fare.

Trust the Maestro to Lead the Way on the Road

The beauty of the Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS device begins on the outside. This device is a sleek work of art. It is very thin, and sexy—definitely a worthy addition to the interiors of luxury sedans, SUVs and everything in between.

Magellan - Maestro 3100 - GPS Navigation 3.5-Inch Touchscreen (Refurbished) The GPS sports an industrial vibe, with its simple, unassuming lines and a clean color scheme. It is dark gray on the top and bottom, a lighter gray on the left and right, accented by a black inner frame. The end result is something that’s sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Once you get a hold of the Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS, you’ll be pleased that it is so easy to use. Part of the reason is that its display screen is appropriately sized. This device has a graphical 3.5-inch display that’s vivid and color-rich. Now, not only is it vibrant, the touch-screen interface of the display makes for quick navigation through the intuitive menus and maps as well.

Preloaded with maps of the continental United States, you can practically enter any address you want and the device will do the rest to get you there. Of course, it won’t drive the car on its own but it will guide you through every twist and turn with voice guidance. It is like having a seasoned traveler riding by your side.

Smart-touch icons make things easier by minimizing button presses while the QuickSpell function checks any errors in spelling to ensure you made the right address entry. And with hundreds of thousands of preprogrammed points of interest, there won’t be any shortage of great places to visit. With this feature, finding the nearest gas station, restaurant, or ATM is like a walk in the park or a smooth Sunday drive. Plus, the device never lets you down; with SiRFstar III technology, the reception is always clear and strong—even with bad weather or if you’re in the woods.

Magellan - Maestro 3100 - GPS Navigation 3.5-Inch Touchscreen (Refurbished)

The Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS gives you options to see maps in either 2D or 3D view, whichever you’re more comfortable with. It might seem like a minor feature, but it’s great because you can customize the experience. Just as helpful is this device’s SmartDetour technology, which will help you look for the best route possible—away from the traffic or what have you.

If you enjoy precision GPS tracking and affordability, then you need to meet the Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS. At last, you can expect driving to be so much fun again thanks to this remarkable GPS device.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer