TomTom XL-S GPSDo you have a poor sense of direction? Don’t let this hold you back in exploring the world! Thanks to the TomTom XL-S GPS, you can now visit places you’ve never been to.

This global positioning system will be your electronic map that will show you the fastest way to a specific place. And to top it off, the TomTom comes to you at a relatively low price!

Count on TomTom to Navigate your Way

The TomTom XL-S GPS is an easy-to use global positioning system device that will literally help you find your way. You’ll enjoy features that make first-time GPS users’ lives a lot simpler, and that will make this direction guru your best travel buddy.

 TomTom XL-S GPS Its touchscreen technology makes access a lot faster and more convenient, and it can take you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

With the price TomTom XL-S GPS is offered at, you can only get a 3-inch GPS from other brands. But because TomTom is best known for quality products available at more affordable prices, the TomTom XL-S GPS comes with a 4.3-inch screen for better navigation.

You have the option of integrating the innovative traffic-tracking capability into this unit when you purchase an optional RDS-TMC traffic receiver. You can also remain updated on the roads with this navigator’s easy access online update utilities.

And the support utilities do not end there. The Map Share, an exclusive feature of Tomtom, enables you to send map updates from your GPS to TomTom support, allowing you to download and install map updates made by others. This way the maps and roads on your system are always updated.


The TomTom XL-S GPS is equipped with a high-quality display that is highly useful for clear navigation. This GPS is known for having a solid feel and a nice dark-silver and gray finish. The elegant style is coupled with uncomplicated but highly effective and easy-to-adjust windshield mounting kits. It definitely looks more expensive than what its price tag suggests.

Need help? You’ll get help. With the “Help Me” menu of TomTom XL-S GPS, you can get yourself an extensive list of locations like the nearest car shop, police station, and hospital, among others. The menu also lets owners locate the nearest emergency service provider, in case unexpected things happen. The users can rapidly classify their exact location and that information is rapidly relayed to emergency assistance providers.


What’s great about this GPS is that in its Text-To-Speech function, the voice will tell you the exact street you are about to take. A street name will give you the assurance that you are really going the right way. “Take a left on John Street” is so much better than “take a left on the next street.”

Any traveler will classify the TomTom XL-S GPS as a great bargain. With its cool features, helpful navigation and low price, you’ll surely never ask for anything else. The solid directions and clear text-to-speech ability, and a high-sensitivity receiver, which picks up satellites very well, are enough to make the TomTom XL-S GPS your ultimate travel guide.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer