Samsung 320PX 32" Widescreen LCD MonitorWhen you use the Samsung 320PX Widescreen LCD Monitor, you’ll never look at your computer the same way again.

This 32-inch monitor is equipped with Samsung’s latest image enhancing technology, so you’ll get clear and color-accurate images every single time. This monitor is a must-have for multimedia users, hardcore gamers and graphic designers.

Several Features Optimize Viewing Experience

Samsung’s exclusive Digital Natural Image Engine Technology enhances four key areas of a television’s display capabilities.

 Samsung 320PX 32 It has motion optimizer, contrast enhancer, detail enhancer and color optimizer – all of which greatly improve the quality of the picture.

The pictures projected in the monitor pass through four stages. The first step is the motion optimizer. True to its name, the motion optimizer enhances the quality of an object in action. Sometimes a fast-moving object is distorted when displayed on the monitor. In this step, spatial and temporal noise reductions are combined to keep the picture sharp.

On the second stage, the contrast enhancer, the contrast is automatically adjusted to keep the accuracy of the display. Some “contrast enhancers” sometimes distort the image quality, but this one does not. Step three is the detail enhancer which selectively sharpens certain edges so that you’ll be able to see things on your screen just the way you do in real life.

Hues are enhanced in the final stage, the color optimizer. In this last stage, original levels of brightness are kept while it also adjusts the colors to the shades your eye accepts as natural. After passing through these four stages, your monitor is then ready to project accurate and eye-pleasing images.

This Samsung LCD television is also equipped with an anti-glare technology. This technology frees your eyes from the stress caused by the light reflected off the screen. This glare also affects the quality of the image that your monitor produces, so logically an anti-glare can make the display better. Without glare, pictures look sharper, for your viewing pleasure.

Additionally, the Samsung 320PX Widescreen LCD Monitor has a fast 8ms response time. The response time is very important since it affects your viewing experience. Response time determines how fast the TV is able to render images, so the faster the response time, the smoother the movement of images will be.

The Samsung 320PX widescreen LCD monitor has 178-degree viewing angles, vertically and horizontally. With viewing angles as wide as this, you don’t need to find the perfect spot to experience high-quality viewing. The brightness and contrast quality of the images will never falter wherever you may be sittingin the room. Everyone else in the room will also enjoy the view, regardless of where they’re sitting.

The Samsung 320PX 32-inch widescreen LCD Monitor – with 16:9 aspect ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 1366 x 768 resolution – is the perfect PC monitor for those who not only need brilliant colors and deep contrasts, but also a wide workspace, which only a 32-inch monitor can provide.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer