A high-quality television for the whole family and that’s what the Soyo MT-SYTPT3727AB LCD high-definition television is.

With its versatility and convenient features, you can use it in more ways than one. Display clear, vibrant and color-rich images anytime, for whatever purpose.

High-Definition Viewing for the Entire Family

The 32-inch HDTV lets you enjoy wide-screen television with its 16:9 aspect ratio. With that kind of aspect ratio, you can now have a cinematic experience right in your living room.

The dynamic 1200:1 contrast ratio of this high-def LCD assures you a realistic blend of brightness and contrast quality.

This LCD is fit for use with other multimedia devices too. Computer gamers will love the HDMI Input on this television. HDMI is the best way to connect game consoles today since it is able to carry both video and audio signals digitally, and without any interference. Playing on a 37-inch television monitor in high resolution will definitely blow your mind and give you the adrenaline rush you’ve always wanted.

Another cool feature is the 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. With viewing angles as wide as this, you won’t need to find the perfect spot to experience high-quality viewing. The brightness and contrast quality of the images will never falter regardless of where you are in the room. Everyone else in the room will also enjoy the view.

Also, the Soyo can support resolution up to 1366 x 768 pixels. You can watch any highly-anticipated, action-filled movie with this great deal of detail. This television is also compatible with 720p to 1080i resolutions.

To add to your viewing pleasure, the Soyo MT-SYTPT3727AB LCD has a fast 8ms response time. The response time is very important because it affects your viewing experience. Response time determines how fast the TV is able to render images, so the faster the response time, the smoother the movement of images will be.

This television projects a sleek and elegant exterior that can bring life to your humble abode.  Soyo MT-SYTPT3727AB LCD HDTV Place it in your living room to illuminate your home and let it be the center of everyone’s attention. Unwind and relax with the exceptional quality of images that the Soyo MT-SYTPT3727AB LCD high-definition television can bring. You’ll surely be satisfied every single time.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer