Guns will run out of ammo and lives will be depleted, but even then, the action never really stops in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Every second you spend in the game will feel like you’re in some sort of hellhole where the opposition doesn’t even give you a second to breathe. But, believe it or not, it’s a hellhole that no action gamer will want to get out of. This game is intense, explosive and will give you a lot of guns to play around with.

Battle it out as a GDF Human or Strogg

But guns are just one of the many great points about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. In fact, even more important to the game are the various roles you can play. You can choose between the GDF and Strogg factions. The GDF represent the humans, with access to guns and vehicles that closely resemble what modern militaries have today. The Strogg are aliens, who aside from being scary-ugly, have equipment that looks different from that of humans but is, in function, quite similar. There is a difference in how the two use their weapons, though. Whereas the humans run out of ammo, most of the Strogg’s weapons merely overheat from prolonged use. This dynamic gives a sense of uniqueness to each race.

The scenery they engage in range from wastelands to abandoned beachfronts, featuring enough details to immerse you into the game. The gorgeous graphics and booming sound effects all add to the experience. The controls are quite smooth as well, boasting a set-up reminiscent of modern FPS games.

Both races feature distinct character classes. Humans feature soldiers, field ops, medics, engineers and covert ops with their Strogg counterparts being the aggressors, oppressors, technicians, constructors and infiltrators respectively. Soldiers and aggressors are the main fighting force with access to a wide range of weapons. Field ops and oppressors are supporting units which can set up and fire indirect weaponry such as artillery and mortars. The medics and technicians keep the health of the offensive units up. Engineers and constructors deploy stationary defensive turrets that can help secure critical locations. Lastly, covert ops and infiltrators disable the said turrets.

The key to victory is through teamwork and a healthy mix of all the classes. The action in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is unrelenting, but players also need to use their head if they want to complete different objectives and win. The game can be played against computer-controlled enemies and online. Don’t underestimate the Bots though; some of them are as smart as live opponents.

All in all, not much can be said against this quality teamwork-based FPS. Put Enemy Territory: Quake Wars up in your action games library and you’ll be blown away.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer


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