HTC Touch Cruise Unlocked GSM SmartphoneAlthough it may have a slim, compact design, the HTC Touch Cruise smartphone is a powerhouse in terms of mobile technology and multimedia innovation. It has a 2.8-inch touch-sensitive TFT-LCD screen with backlight LEDs. And it’s equipped with TouchFLO interface, a user-friendly feature that lets you use finger gestures to browse through emails, web pages, messages, music playlists, and photo albums.

And you’ll love that an integrated HTC Home displays important information, including real-time weather updates and a large clock, as well as an access to ringtone settings and alerts.

Operates on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

The smartphone is also filled with organizer tools. Its 3D Touch Cube interface allows you to easily navigate these tools so that calling contacts, opening applications, listening and browsing media files is simply a breeze.

 HTC Touch Cruise Unlocked GSM Smart Phone The HTC Touch has Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system with Direct Push Outlook email, and runs on a QualcommMSM7200 400MHz processor, which is great when dealing with traffic-heavy connections. The phone supports data rates of up to 7.2Mbps on the downlink and up to 5.76Mbps on the uplink.

Another aspect of this smartphone is that it’s designed to combine comfort and user-friendly features with style. Aside from its touch screen, the unit has a four-way navigation wheel with an “enter” button, a built-in microphone and speaker, and mini-USB port. And with built-in GPS functionality and software, you will save time taking the fastest directions to a hot new restaurant or go to your new workplace. It supports several mobile technologies, including GSM, UMTS, GPRS and HSDPA.

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System – is one of the many 3G mobile phone technologies, which is being developed into 4G technology. Currently, the most common form of UMTS uses W-CDMA as the underlying air interface. It is standardized by the 3GPP, and is the European answer to the ITU IMT-2000 requirements for 3G cellular radio systems. UMTS using W-CDMA supports a transfer rate of up to 384kbps for R99 handsets, and 7.2Mbps for HSDPA handsets on the downlink connection. It supports GSM modes on 1900, 1800, 850 and 900 frequency bands, and HSDPA/UMTS in 850MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz.

HTC Touch Cruise Unlocked GSM Smart Phone

This phone has 256MB memory, which is perfect for storing media and business-related files. File expansion is also possible since it has a microSD card slot. Working as a media hub, the HTC Touch Cruise is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus for shooting photos and videos and a second camera for video calls or self-portraits. Other entertainment features include an FM radio, MP3 player and video playback. Audio files are supported in AAC, AAC+, WMA, WAV, and AMR-NB formats.

Powered by a 1350mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the HTC Touch Cruise has talk time of up to four hours (UMTS) and seven hours (GSM) and standby time of up to 450 hours (UMTS) and 400 hours (GSM). For video calls, it can last up to 2.3 hours.

The HTC Touch Cruise Unlocked GSM Smartphone is the companion you want to have with you on the road. From its entertainment features to GPS functionality, this smartphone will never leave your side. Get it now and start exploring!

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Contributed by Rose Raguindin, Product Reviewer