Take your bow and arrow for a special trip with Nintendo Wii Zapper with Zelda Crossbow Training. And because this comes in a bundle with a Wii Zapper, you’re closer to getting those arms stretched for hardcore archery and maximized gaming entertainment.

The Zelda Crossbow Training comes with a Wii Zapper, a user interface device that takes you in the zone with its gun-like design. You don’t have to settle on just button-mashing gaming as you take your play to the next level. Thanks to Nintendo’s Wii Zapper, you can play Zelda Crossbow Training in a more realistic, unusually delightful way.

Mark your Target and Let the Fun Begin

Zelda Crossbow Training is a target-shooting game. Practice that eye-hand coordination with your Wii Zapper. The game has nine levels and each one consists of three target shooting games. Apply simple math, and that gives you 27 mini target games in total. This is pretty intense for a shooting game since there are a lot of variations, and players are sure to enjoy each one of them because they will never grow tired of repetitive modes.

Also, your character will have a ‘development’ in Zelda Crossbow, which is quite impressive since you’ll be fully aware of your gaming growth. Primarily, the first three levels (which are comprised of nine mini target games) are available. And as the game progresses, you’ll have to unlock new levels by obtaining medals in the previous levels. You must play each set of three as a whole so that you can gain a collective score. And to add up to the challenge, each level plays on a strict time limit.

There’s a simplicity in the design of the target shooting games. You start off by shooting still objects, and as you get acclimated, the difficulty becomes harder and the game’s challenge level increases. Aside from shooting bull’s eye targets to hitting targets cascading down waterfalls in Zora’s domain, you can also enjoy the game as you fight off attacking armies of skeletons in the desert, target balloons above Hyrule castle, and infiltrate a spider den in the Faron Woods. And a lot, LOT more.

Some stages allow you to be stable in one place and give you the luxury of just pointing and shooting. But other stages allow you to move around (like 360 degrees) so you can attack targets surrounding you. Challenging, huh? But it won’t be too hard, thanks to your radar. Some levels even allow you to explore the whole area as the game lets you walk around.

If you think that Zelda is child’s play, then think again. The level of difficulty of this game ranges from relaxed target practice to mind-blowing fast-paced action. So every challenge-seeker will have a great time with Zelda Crossbow Training, especially if they use the Wii Zapper when playing. Kids can enjoy the target-shooting of this game, and the adults will be delighted with the challenges.

The graphics and music of the game is somehow similar to that of ‘The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.’ So anyone who has played that game before will be comfortable with this one. But first timers don’t need to worry – the graphic and the sound quality of this game is stunning to cope with your gaming standards.

The Zelda Crossbow Training with Nintendo Wii Zapper is, simply put, a really fun game. Your control will be fully maximized.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer