Arny of TwoCan you really rely on a third person shooter game to teach you a lesson on trust, friendship, and the fact that two is better than one? Army of Two makes it a point that coordinated teamwork is indeed very necessary to accomplish these goals.

Sure, the single player experience is already more than you can ask for. The real highlight of this game, though, is the co-op play.

Count on your Game Player to help Combat Enemies

The game begins with Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios.

Army of Two These two protagonists of the game are still in the U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment when they are assigned to work with Philip Clyde, a private military contractor with the Security and Strategy Corporation. They are given instruction to carry out an assassination.

After this mission, the three enter private sector, and Salem and Rios begin work as mercenaries for hire. The game leads them across the globe to “take care of problems” in warzones while earning a hefty amount of cash. Further along, they realize there is something suspiciously wrong going on; a number of leaks and secrets seem to coincide with their missions, as well as a bill in Congress to fully privatize the military. Salem and Rios decide to fight their way through betrayal, conspiracy, and revenge just to figure out what’s really going on.

Although this game can be used in a single player match up, full Army of Two action can only be best experienced in multi-player use. Certain aspects of the game will make you realize you just can’t do everything within the game by yourself. You need to do things with your partner, because, for example, going into a firefight pretending to be invincible is not exactly the wisest thing to do.

There are numerous multi-player maneuvers that will prove helpful throughout the duration of the game. For instance, the Aggro Meter allows one player to become virtually invisible and sneak up to enemy positions. If a player’s Aggro Meter becomes full, a short “Overkill” mode can be accessed. The player with the most aggro goes into a fury as he shoots enemies and damages property.

In this mode, although bullet time is initiated and the player cannot crouch, there’s no reloading required. The other player without aggro gets the ability to move faster and will engage in hand to hand combat with ease. Another maneuver, Feign Death, lets the player about to die fake his own death. It’s a simple yet cunning trick that will allow you to attack enemies from behind. This can be done multiple times, though, but the same enemies will only fall for it once.

As the game progresses, it will become clear that getting through missions requires the help of another person. Rely on your partners for a variety of moves. Your partner’s step lifts will help you go to out-of-reach areas. If you need medical attention or to be dragged to safety when you’re injured, you can count on your partner for assistance.

Army of Two If you’re suddenly surrounded by dozens of enemies, you can go back-to-back with your partner. Your formation will help you through hard times. Indeed, your partner will be the only one who’ll help you in times of need.

With a thrilling plot about a quest for Truth, Army of Two is not just an ordinary action-packed shooter game. The finely tuned graphics display just complements how the game places importance on team empowerment.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer