Madden NFL 09 All-Play promises to bring a lot of fun and innovation to the Wii platform. Utilizing the Wii’s unique controller, this game will have you flicking and swinging your way through defense to a game clinching touchdown!

As the name suggests, “All Play” is about getting everyone involved in the game quickly. So novices can start playing the game immediately without having to worry about all the advanced controls offered by the game.

Get the Ball Moving for Touchdown

You can use different playbooks in the game to your advantage and quickly switch between them. You can also have Madden suggest the plays for you or use the simplified and advanced playbooks.

All Play allows the player to experience actually playing the game so they can immediately appreciate what they bought. But this ease of play for novices doesn’t mean that hardcore players will find it too easy for them. Rather, All Play means that there’s everything for every level of player. Advanced controls and playbooks are available for the seasoned veterans.

Controlling the game with the Wii controller is easy. When passing the ball to an open receiver, all you have to do is look for the green icon that suggests the receiver is open for the pass. Then swing the Wiimote towards the receiver. The ball flies through the air and the receiver takes ball, without you even having to select him when passing. All other moves such as hiking the ball, juking and spinning are just as easy. More advanced controls and Call Your Shots – where you can create your own plays and direct where receivers should run to – are available as your skills improve.

After scoring a touchdown, dance around with the controller in your hand. It’s always good to celebrate after scoring. Even more so in Madden NFL 09. Dancing around with the Wiimote in your hands boosts the player’s gameplay rating and gets the crowd involved as well. They’ll cheer you on more and your player will perform better. Just remember to wave your hands around as much as you can!

There is a new 5-on-5 mode where you can play the kind of game you used to play in your backyard as kids. With a shortened field, you start off at midfield and have four plays to score. All of the characters in this mode are big-head NFL players which add to the fun.

To get online with friends and start playing, all you have to do is add the EA username and wait for your friend’s approval. Simple. No need for friend codes this time so setting up an online game is faster than in previous incarnations of the game. You’ll need to set up a new EA account when setting up an online game which is easy through the game’s interface. If you have an existing account, you can transfer it.

All-in-all this is a good game for all skill levels. Newbies to the Madden NFL franchise can start playing immediately. Seasoned players will be familiar with the advanced controls similar to last year’s game. And for those who play occasionally, or with friends online, there are different modes and playbooks to keep you and your buddies entertained.

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Contributed by Norbert Emata, Product Reviewer