Battlefield: Bad Company (BF:BC), a first-person shooter developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 provides not just a virtual escape but witty humor infused in its storyline as well. Like other games, it requires teamwork (for multi-player mode) since meeting challenges requires several skills that a single player may not have. You may call it support or backup, but it does pay to communicate.

Unlike other games, however, BF:BC does not have a lot of complex storylines; its characters have humor and it is light, allowing the story to be revealed by all the action and the movements.

Go Camouflage and Get Ready to Attack

BF:BC comes with several new features including an environment that can be almost entirely destroyed and a single-player storyline. The game is designed with dynamic lighting to go well with the changing landscape features. Frostbite game engine allows 90 percent of the environment to be destroyed, including buildings, vehicles, and even the players, but some of the structures remain indestructible to retain the impression of key points.

The single-player mode features seven missions, all of which require the player to collect weapons and recover hidden gold bars. The game provides an assortment of vehicles, even a golf cart. And it takes place in a fictional Middle Eastern and a fictional Eastern European country. As for the multiplayer mode, it includes 24 players, and the setup is attackers versus defenders, in which one team must defend two crates of gold while the other tries to destroy the crates.

The game boasts a good game plan, humorous storyline and lots of big explosions and action. Although the game is originally a multi-player game, its new single-player feature shows that the developers exerted a significant amount of effort to make the game enjoyable and challenging. It also serves as a good preparation for multi-player games.

Overall, the game allows the player to maximize its abilities by allowing the character to tear into rubbles, go sniper mode or hijack a boat. The game provides all the weapons for the single players and it won’t be hard to uncover the many creative and explosive ways to get the gold. Playing in the multi-player mode will allow the player to choose from five available ranks, which comes with a corresponding weapon. These weapons may be unlocked not by the game’s rules, but instead it depends on when you want to use them and how much credit you have earned.

BT:BC delivers and more. It lets you smirk or laugh at the humor, strategize without compromising a lot and enjoy the graphics.

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Contributed by Rose Raguindin, Product Reviewer