Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB Flash Driv Long gone are the days when a floppy disk was the way to save your important files in case your computer crashed. Now leading the way into the future are flash drives, also known as thumb drives. These tiny devices can hold more data than you’ll probably ever need. And they’re portable!

The Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB Flash Drive is one of the best that’s out there right now. It’s not only durable and water-resistant (yes, you heard that right), but it can also store an incredible 32GB of memory.

Water-Resistant and Endures Minor Catastrophes

Through its plug and play feature, accessing or transferring your data is as easy as 1-2-3. Just plug it into your USB port and your files will instantly pop up and start running.

Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB Flash DriveThe Flash Voyager is compatible with Linux and Mac computers, as well as Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and ME. It is even backward compatible with USB 1.1.

With 32GB, you’ll be able to store your entire music and photo collection and countless folders that contain all of your documents. Its black, rubber top is what helps make this device water-resistant, so now you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting it wet. Several reviews have even described the Corsair Flash Drive as having been dropped and run over, and somehow it still survived the abuse! The important thing to remember is that your important data will remain intact regardless, and your Voyager will continue to perform and surprise you.

Take the flash drive with you anywhere you go with the included lanyard. Loop the lanyard onto the Voyager, place it across your neck and you’re ready to go. A USB cable and driver CD also comes with the flash drive; you’ll have everything you need to start storing.

No need to look anywhere else for storage capacity. If you’re somebody who’s constantly on-the-go, the Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB Flash Drive is the perfect device to keep your precious files safe and secure. Forget floppy disks and CD-ROMs. You’ll be glad you switched over to a more convenient and reliable way of saving.

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Contributed by Maíra Oliveira