Fall Of ManFor fans of first-person shooting action games, nothing says ‘hard to resist’ like obliterating hideous creatures in immersive environments with an almost gratuitous amount of guns.

In Resistance: Fall Of Man, that is exactly what you will find. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe the action you’ll encounter in this game.

Engage in War with the Chimera

The year is 1951, and only you as Sgt. Nathan Hale can save the world and prevent the titular fall of man. In this reality, World War II never occurred, replaced by something equally as terrifying of an event, the Chimeran invasion.

 Resistance: Fall of Man Video GameFar deadlier than any bomb, the Chimera—creatures of nightmarish origins—have emerged, and wasted no time at all to ravage through Asia, and most of Europe in one swift motion. You’ll come as a part of a 5,000-strong U.S. contingent to intercept the invaders, ready to consume the entire United Kingdom. With brute force, the Chimera make short work of your forces, leaving but a single lone wolf in its wake. Everything now rests squarely upon your shoulders.

Of course, you’ll have guns to help you with your cause. And there’ll be lots of them, including a rapid-fire rifle with a mounted grenade launcher, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher. These may be fairly standard when it comes to modern first-person shooters. But once you get involved in the game’s intense firefights, you’ll agree there’s nothing standard about the action found in this game.

The enemy’s artificial intelligence is incredibly good; it’s even kind of scary at times. You’ll see them take on a relentless offensive, once they think they have you cornered. But, if they feel like you’re getting the upper hand, they’ll pace themselves and take on a more defensive stance. The fire may simmer down at times, but that doesn’t mean they’re less deadly. Let’s put it this way: it’s like someone releasing gas slowly in an enclosed room, waiting for the opportune time to light it up. The terrible thing is this: you’re inside the room. In this game, you’re constantly on the edge, trying to fight back and trying to survive.

More than just the sheer action, Resistance: Fall Of Man draws you in with its spectacular graphics. The world looks gritty and perfectly encapsulates the game’s apocalyptic tone. The character and enemy designs, while not the most imaginative, still manage to set themselves apart from other similar games. Every little detail, from the facial expression to smoke billowing out from the ruins, looks amazingly realistic. There’s no use resisting it; you’ll be absorbed the first time you set foot in this game’s world.

As any modern first-person shooter, Resistance: Fall Of Man boasts exciting multiplayer modes. Online, you get to play against 39 other players in a variety of ways including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag.  Resistance: Fall of Man Video Game Other multiplayer modes include the likes of “conversion,” where the last man standing wins, and “meltdown” where you have to take control of various points on the map. You also get to choose to play as a human or Chimera. If you are the big-bad-wolf type, then by all means choose the Chimera; they look mean, act mean, and will blow you away with their sheer strength.

In the end, Resistance: Fall Of Man succeeds because it gives us exactly what we look for in such a game. And what we look for can be summed up in two words: all-out action. So if you have an itchy trigger finger, this game is indeed the perfect remedy.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer