Iron ManAdmit it: watching the Iron Man movie makes you want to fly. And not in the Boeing 747 sense of the word, mind you. You want to fly in a gold and red suit, filled with things that go boom. You want to chase and be chased by supersonic jets and destroy villainous minds. You want to make the world a better place.

Ok, so that last one may be kind of a reach, but as for the other childhood fantasies mentioned above, the Iron Man game more than suffices. If you’re a fan of the comics or just the movie, rest assured you will have a blast playing this game.

Put on your Armor and Get Ready to Fight

For the uninitiated, the game is about this multi-millionaire weapons genius Tony Stark who eventually creates and becomes Iron Man. Like the movie, he starts out imprisoned by a group of terrorists asking him to create an ultra-powerful missile. Right there and then, he begins to realize just how much destruction his weapons are doing, and a radical change within him occurs. Instead of making the missile, he proceeds to create a very crude version of the Iron Man armor.

Iron Man While the initial design isn’t perfect, it’s still relatively stronger than your average everyday terrorist. Soon enough, Tony Stark eliminates his captors and escapes. Now, with all the resources at his disposal, he refines the design of his armor—the end result being the Mark III. This is the Iron Man that we all know and love.

As Iron Man, you’ll set out to do what this piece of equipment was meant to do, namely flying and blowing up villains. The flying sequences are especially spectacular. There’s so much to explore, and sometimes, you’ll just find yourself zooming across the beautifully rendered landscape. Based on graphics alone, this game is a winner. Iron Man’s armor is perfectly recreated, with every joint, afterburner, and armor piece shining brightly in the digital sun. The environments and enemies look great as well.

Once you get into combat, you’ll realize just how powerful Iron Man really is. You’ll have full access to his arsenal of moves and advanced weaponry. He’s really a one-man army in the sense that you can counter everything they throw at you. From helicopters to tanks, few will be able to make a dent. Unfortunately for them, when it’s your turn to fight, a dent won’t be the only thing they’ll get; they’ll be nothing but scrap metal when all is over. You can even catch missiles in mid-flight to throw it back to them.

If anything, this game reminds us just how sweet revenge truly is. Not only that, but you’ll even get more powerful as the game progresses since various performance upgrades open up one by one. Master all the Iron Man’s weapons and moves and you’ll be unstoppable. The game’s controls are very intuitive, and will make you feel like you’re truly Iron Man.

Since not everyone can be as ingenious and rich as Tony Stark, this game may be one of the best chances you’ll get to experience being Iron Man. You won’t find another Iron Man game as good as this.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer