As they say, third time’s a charm. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Nintendo Wii has proven itself to be a remarkable finale for the Metroid Prime trilogy. This first-person game has the perfect blend of smooth controls, impressive graphics and sound quality, challenging level of difficulty and an unforgettable storyline.

Step into the world of bounty hunters with this action-adventure video game that may be one of the greatest games ever made for the Wii.

Team up with Other Bounty Hunters to Succeed

You’ll play as the legendary female bounty hunter Samus Aran. Together with other bounty hunters, you’ll go on a quest to fix an organic computer. Easy? Not quite. This computer is somehow infected by a strange virus. Find the virus, stop it, and save the world. Simple as it may sound, your mission as Samus is definitely far from simple.

The mission will send you to alien-infected places and strange environments – and that’s the fun part. In order to fully enjoy the game, you must take pleasure in the expedition and not dwell on the ending of the game. You’ll also love the side stories that this game offers you. If you’ve played any of the Metroid games before, you’ll find some friends and antagonists to be quite familiar.

What’s really awesome about this game is that it will really push you to your gaming limits. It is not the kind of game that you’re going to forget two or three weeks after you play it. You’ll remember Metroid Prime 3: Corruption as the game that gave you a hard time with its great fights and variety of environmental puzzles that definitely blew your mind.

Even if this game is similar to first-person shooters, you don’t need to worry about the controls. Using the Wii controls is noticeably easy and smooth, and pretty familiar, if you’re a big fan of first person shooters. Aim and turn with the Wii remote, while you move and side-step with the Nunchuck. The combination of the two makes user interface a lot smoother and slicker.

Quench not only your gaming thirst but also your senses’ cravings. The sound and the graphics quality of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption are really delightful, giving you a more realistic feel to get you into the gaming zone. Sound-wise, you’ll hear silence most of the time – eerie silence. The superb voice acting makes the game even more realistic. The graphics of the game make game exploring a lot more exciting. The reflection of Samus’s visor, the details on the machines and many other effects will surely catch your eyes.

Needless to say, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has quickly become one of the greatest games made for the Nintendo Wii.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer


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