Precise image projection with a touch of mobility at an incredibly affordable price – these are just some things the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector can offer you.

The innovative Toshiba’s TLP-WX2200U LCD projector can help you create your very own cinema house experience. This widescreen mobile projector can display incredible images that will surely awe any movie lover. You don’t have to leave home just to experience the thrill of watching movies in a cinema-like fashion; you can experience it right at home with the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector.

Password-Protected to Prevent Theft

The projector is also equipped with high-end features and impressive specifications. Enjoy stunning color reproduction with the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector’s notable 3LCD technology.

Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector A 2200-ANSI lumens rating that assures you a bright image display in any room setting. So, no matter how dark or bright a room is, the image quality projected through your projector will not alter at all, giving you only the most accurate pictures possible.

The Toshiba caters to a widescreen WXGA 1280 x 800 native resolution and a sharp contrast ratio of 600:1, for great picture quality. At this level, you can watch effects-filled action movies with a lot of satisfaction. It also offers superior and brilliant images for professional presentations and larger-than-life images for digital home entertainment. Redefine the meaning of large-screen and enjoy hardcore video gaming with this projector. Now you can enjoy the most exciting video games on a larger-than-life screen.

What makes the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U stand out from its contemporaries is its anti-theft feature. Since this projector is conveniently lightweight and delightfully mobile, you don’t want anyone to take it home with them, right? A removable palm-sized control panel on the projector is specially designed with a self-assigned password for theft prevention. So, if someone removed the control panel, the projector is no longer operable unless the password is entered on the remote control or the removable panel is replaced. Amazing, right? You can forget about theft and enjoy more with this baby.

Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector

When presenting your report, of course, the last thing you want to worry about is the inconvenience of your projector. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, not with the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U Projector. You can zoom in on key information in your presentation. Convenience is in your hands. And we’re not stopping there. This projector offers active monitor-loop through and user logo personalization. The TLP-WX2200U also offers password-protection and key-lock security functions to prevent any unauthorized usage.

Overall, the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD projector can give you accurate image projection and mobility at a price worth every penny in your pocket. There’s no time to hesitate; get it now!

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer