First it was first-person shooters, now it’s real-time strategy games. Once the exclusive genres of the PC gaming domain, real-time strategy games have now evolved smoothly for play with game consoles.

Universe at War: Earth Assault is one such game, and with its deep gameplay, vibrant graphics and intuitive controls, it is all set to prove that console RTS games have come of age.

Strategize and Fight Until the End

Universe at War: Earth Assault, like most RTS games, puts you in the shoes of a commander viewing the action from up top. Three main factions are at your disposal, with each one fighting for their own reasons and each utilizing a unique arsenal of buildings, units and armaments. Only one thing is common amongst these three: they are all potent and ready to kick each other’s butts.

The Hierarchy, a technologically-advanced alien race with a rather diabolical tendency to invade other planets, produce their units at a relatively slow pace. However, once these units are completed—specifically the powerful, giant Walkers—opposing groups are sure to wet their pants. The Hierarchy’s units are downright intimidating, but, hardly invincible. And if there’s anyone who can fight them without batting an eyelash, it’s the Novus, a race of sentient machines who have no other purpose but to seek and destroy the Hierarchy. The Novus is a race that depends on extremely mobile units that can execute hit-and-run tactics proficiently.

Lastly, there is the Masari, a human-like race seeking refuge on Earth after falling into conflict with the Hierarchy some centuries ago. By far, this race is the hardest to master, with their units having various offensive and defensive modes that have to be managed efficiently. That much said, all the races can be mastered by anyone who’s dedicated enough to go through the compelling campaign mode. And the campaign mode doesn’t just tell a nice story, it also teaches players all the basic strategies and nuances of each race.

Without a control scheme that’s as effective as the PC’s mouse and keyboard, Universe at War: Earth Assault would be worth nil to most console gamers. Fortunately, the game features easy-to-learn and easy-to-use controls. With a press of the shoulder button, radial menus pop up so you can perform whatever action you want without going through several menus. It is critical for an RTS game such as this to give players quick-access controls because every second counts in a heated match.

Universe at War: Earth Assault definitely stomps the argument “RTS games are for PC only” to death. There are still some things to improve on, but for most gamers, those can be overlooked thanks to the whole gamut of things that this RTS game does right.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer


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