Delivering more than what is expected of a compact, newly-designed camcorder, the Canon HG10 high definition (HD) Video Camcorder stores files in its 40GB hard disk drive, has 10x optical zoom and 200x digital zoom.

The camcorder has a 2.7-inch LCD screen to help you capture the best moments and has an advanced video codec high definition format to give you amazing image reproduction. These advanced features, all enclosed in a small camcorder, will let you capture every valuable moment.

Superb High Definition Quality You Want

The 1.1lb Canon masterpiece offers its in-house developed full HD 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor and advanced DIGIC DV II image processor.

Canon HG10 HD Video Camcorder In a CMOS sensor, each pixel has its own charge-to-voltage conversion, and has high noise immunity and low static power consumption. The CMOS sensor also has RGB primary color filter to help maintain and intensify red, blue and green details in every image.

The DIGIC DV processor delivers great image quality, enhanced responsiveness and long battery life. It also has a large buffer and offers fast processing speed. The camcorder is designed with an Instant AF feature that provides accurate auto focusing at a very fast speed. Its SuperRange optical image stabilization feature, meanwhile, supports a wider range of camera motions, and corrects blurred movements so that while you’re chasing a subject or you’re on a moving vehicle the result will still be crystal-clear.

The Canon HG10 supports 1920×1440-pixel still images in 4:3 mode and 1920×1080-pixel images in widescreen mode. It shoots and records videos at 1920×1080 pixels, and saves them in ACVHD format. Canon also allows you to choose the quality of every recording, to better maximize recording time. It records five to nine hours of high-quality video and 11 hours of standard video. Having a 10x optical zoom, the camcorder enables you to take videos from a considerable distance and still get clear, crisp results.

Canon HG10 High Definition Video Camcorder

This camcorder has 6.1mm to 61mm focus and has instant AF, through-the-lens and manual focus if you want to experiment with different themes, or if you’re aiming for cinematic effect. It also has 1/2000 shutter speed. The amateur videographer in you will have fun experimenting with its many features, including white balance control (daylight, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent and shade). To set the mood for a video, you can use several shooting modes like sunset, TV, portrait, snow, beach, fireworks, night and spotlight.

Canon HG10 High Definition Video Camcorder

Bundled with the HG10 are a BP-2L13 battery pack, a compact power adapter, a stereo/video cable, a wireless controller, a USB cable and a component cable.

There’s no better way to capture your precious moments than with this camcorder. It will record anything from your everyday life to special occasions you want to remember forever. Want high-quality results? Then this Canon High Definition Video Camcorder is the one you need.

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Contributed by Rose Raguindin, Product Reviewer