Devil May Cry 4Vengeance is indeed sweet with the fourth installment of Capcom’s revered series of video games. Enjoy fast and stylish combats against a number of demons.

Complete every level by defeating enormous, freakish demon bosses. Simply let the thrilling visuals and flourishing backdrops pull you into the world of Devil May Cry 4.

Take On Demonic Enemies in Sword Battles

To slightly deviate from the expected, Devil May Cry 4 introduces a new character, Nero, into the picture. Play his character throughout most of the game’s duration.

Devil May Cry 4 As Nero, fight demonic enemies in close combat using firearms, swords and a variety of weaponry in a gothic setting. If you miss Dante though, well, don’t fret too much; you’ll still get to play as the series lead, Dante, in some parts.

The anti-hero Dante may have already stolen your heart with his impressive display of charm and attitude. Still, you might want to reconsider Nero’s excellent charisma. He has a selection of impressive and elegant moves of his own. Although not as brutal as Dante, Nero can still deliver a few wisecracks, a brooding glance, and a melting plea of love to his beloved Kyrie in a moment’s notice. As far as physical appearances go, his good looks and taste in clothes mirror Dante’s from head to toe. The game’s breathtaking scenery, wonderful sequences, and numerous bloody fights will make you follow Nero’s exploits. Follow Nero as he learns the truth about his own religious organization, The Order of the Sword, and Dante’s apparent murder of its leader.

Smooth controls and eye-popping animation accentuate the extraordinary action sequences in Devil May Cry 4. You’ll just love the fact that although Nero is a new character, he has some wicked weapons and moves. In fights throughout the game, he uses his Red Queen sword, Blue Rose revolver, and his demonic right arm called the Devil bringer. Breeze through missions with these weapons and learn signature moves like the Stinger attack. Just don’t get distracted by the beautiful visuals and amazing sceneries. It may be hard, but you’ll have to fight against boss characters with intense focus and passion.

Aside from the addition of a new character, a new currency called Proud Souls has also been included. These are used to buy new abilities, while Red Orbs are used to buy items. You’ll get Proud Souls as a reward at the end of missions, and the amount of these all depends on how well you perform. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to focus on the fights more and not on the gore. Keep that in mind because costs of abilities also increase with the purchase of other abilities. These abilities may be sold back if the player so desires, so it may not be a big deal.

If you think you’re convinced that Devil May Cry 4 is worth playing, go ahead and get a copy. Enjoy this new part of the series and get a better idea of the whole Devil May Cry saga.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer