The BenQ W500 LCD Projector will illuminate scenes with vivid colors that are ideal for your viewing needs.

If you dream of having a movie theater right in the comfort of your own home, or you’re a gamer who thinks that a regular television is just not enough to quench your thirst for larger-than-life graphics, then having the BenQ W500 LCD Projector is a must.

High-Definition Projection You’ll Love

The simple and elegant look of the BenQ W500 is more than meets the eye. It has a glossy white case exterior, which can easily blend with any interior design. The lens is placed one side and the heat exhaust on the other.

 BenQ W500 720p LCD Projector There’s also a front exhaust, so you can virtually put this anywhere you like and not worry about overheating. The elegant white color of this projector is harmonized with silver accents which mark the lens bezel. The control panel is top-mounted, while the connection panel is on the projector’s back.

Display-wise, the BenQ W500 will surely surpass your expectations. No need to worry about dark images or stressed eyes with this LCD projector. It has a lumens output of 1100 ANSI with an excellent 93% brightness uniformity. You’ll be amazed that when in low lamp mode, the LCD projector’s lumens output only drops 14% (629 ABSI), which is not too much of a drop off compared to the other LCD projectors in the market today.

The BenQ W500 LCD Projector also has a wide variety of modes and you can choose one that will best fit the comfort of your eyes. Sport lovers will love the dynamic setting since it is perfect for fast-paced image sequences. With this setting, you can also watch movies in ambient light without distorting the real brightness and contrast of the pictures. Cinema mode produces an impressive 333 ANSI lumens, suited for the more traditional room settings. You can set the lamp on low and the color temperature to “normal” to maximize your viewing pleasure.

BenQ W500 720p LCD Projector

It is highly suggested that you use Dynamic Image Mode with color temperature set to “normal” if you are using larger screens. This will net around 470 ANSI lumens. This amount of light is just enough to light up a 120-inch diagonal screen with comfortable color and brightness levels. In layman’s term, you don’t have to worry about pale and ‘dead’ images when you are projecting a movie in a large medium. The adjustable setting of the projector helps to stay true to the image quality of the movie. You want your very own cinema house? Now it’s possible with the BenQ W500 LCD Projector.

BenQ W500 720p LCD Projector

You won’t want to take your eyes off the screen, thanks to the LCD projector’s image sharpness. The picture details in high-definition 1080p material are displayed with accuracy, and much to our surprise, even the standard definition images do not suffer any degradation at all.

What’s really cool about the BenQ W500 is its horizontal and vertical lens shift feature. The LCD projector can be easily mounted on ceilings or other standard places like tables or shelves. It has an overall vertical range of just over two screen heights, thus the image can be located totally on top of or below the lens centerline. You can also move the image 1/3 of the image width horizontally, in either direction. The total control is in your hands. The BenQ comes with a remote control with a very strong backlight for easier access even under the dimmest of lighting conditions.

The BenQ W500 LCD Projector, considering its price, the wide range of modes and features, and the quality of the images it projects, will really be money well spent.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer