The game that took nearly a decade to make, spanning three console generations and with more than its fair share of disbelievers is finally here.

Too Human arrives on the Xbox 360, with a high level of action mixed with just the right amount of RPG elements for added depth.

Play by Yourself or in Two-Player Mode

Too Human’s story is wrapped around Norse mythology…that is, if Norse mythology were set in the far future with high-powered laser beams and armies of robots instead of spears, shields, and of course, Thor’s Hammer. The gods here are basically bionically enhanced humans who are tasked to protect humans from Loki’s robotic legions. You’ll play as Baldur, and in order to complete the game, you’ll have to take on four main missions as you chop, dice, and clobber your way through Loki’s minions.

Baldur and the rest of the Cyber-Norse mythological gods found in this game are very interesting because they bring mythological figures into 21st century sci-fi territory. Their story alone can potentially be another addition to this console generation’s list of great sci-fi franchises—a list which already includes Mass Effect, Gears of War and Halo.

More than the story, however, gamers will be glad to know that this game takes its action sequences quite seriously. With its innovative controls, it hardly ever feels like your traditional action game. The right analog stick is used to deliver punishing blows to your enemies. Just press the right analog stick and point it in a certain direction and the nearest enemy is mince meat; swing the stick to the opposite side and the enemy there gets the punishment he deserves. You can even launch an enemy into the air and juggle him with your swords a la Devil May Cry. There’s also a two-player co-op mode, so you and your buddy can team up to tear through the land of Too Human.

Too Human lets you play as one of the five available character classes which are Berserker, Defender, Champion, Commando and Bioengineer. All of them offer a different kind of experience as each makes use of different strategies to take on enemies. They have different skills and specialties, all of which add to the game’s replayability. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll get stronger and stronger as you buff yourself with Charms and acquire more powerful weapons. You’ll feel like a real god once you near the game’s end.

If you’re an action-RPG fan, then you need this game. Too Human offers hardcore action gaming and RPG elements that require you to think and not just rely on your quick fingers.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer