Guitars, check. Drums, check. Microphones, check. Now, you’re on your way to your rockstar dream.

Rock Band is an innovative and modern rhythm and music game for the Playstation 3. You can choose from four instruments to play with – drums, guitar, bass or the microphone. Whatever your preferred musical instrument may be, get ready to rock your heart out with this extremely unique game.

Strum the Guitar, Hit the Drums and Rock ‘n’ Roll

This game is unique in the sense that it dares to defy the stereotype of gaming and goes with something unconventional instead. You can literally start your own band! This may be pricier than ordinary games, but let me tell you, Rock Band is worth the money.

The game is pretty simple to get used to. You’ll see different notes and chords scrolling down the screen. All you have to do is push the right button at the right time with whatever instrument you’re using. Similarly, you have to sing the words with the right timing and note when using the microphone. It’s really just a game of timing. Rock Band has different level of difficulties and different kinds of modes to choose from, depending on your level of skill.

The single player mode is pretty awesome, but why keep the fun to yourself when you can share it with your friends? To fully enjoy this game, you need to play it with your friends. Rock Band is all about cooperation and working as a team because you need to work together to get the highest score.

In the single player campaign, you’ll first choose two or four players who will be members of your band. Then, you’ll start off playing in small clubs as nobodies and, if you’re good, you can then rock your way into stardom. As you get better, more ‘fans’ will listen to your music. In each gig, you’ll earn points or ‘stars,’ and the more stars you have, the more gigs you unlock.

What’s great about Rock Band is the list of songs that are available to play. Play your favorite rock songs from different eras. This game initially has 40 songs that you can rock out to. Rock Band is not only impressive with sounds but visuals as well. The graphics of this game are very high quality. You’ll notice that the characters, the animation, the lightning and visual effects are all remarkable.

A few words of warning, though, this MTV Games-published and Harmonix Music-developed game is extremely addictive. Once you start strumming your guitar, beating the drums or singing on the microphone, you’ll never want to stop making music.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer


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