If it is a mobile projector you want, then you better check out the NEC NP200 DLP Projector. This portable projector is easy on both your eyes and wallet.

It has a set of impressive features that will surely make your viewing and presentation pleasurable. And since it is equipped with the technology of Digital Light Processing (DLP), you’ll be staring at its smooth and jitter-free display for a long time.

Lamp Life Lasts up to 4,000 Hours

The NEC NP200 DLP Projector is ideal for any school or office setting since it is portable and you can easily keep it when not in use, or move it from one room to the other when necessary. Give your presentations a little spice with this 3.5-pound projector.

NEC NP200 DLP Projector It is intended to display brilliant images in small-to-medium-sized rooms, like conference rooms or classrooms. It has an attractive slim and elegant white design, so blending it in any room will be no trouble at all. You also have the option of mounting it on ceilings too, and it’s well-built, sturdy body makes it easy and safe.

When it comes to the quality of the images displayed by the projector, impressive is even an understatement. Well, aside from the fact that it features 2100 ANSI Lumens that lets it produce bright and easy-on-the-eye images, it is also equipped with this cool technology called DLP. DLP has the capability to display remarkably bright, vivid and accurate images. The BrilliantColor technology will give you rich colors and balanced contrast for that obviously enhanced color and hue precision.

Do you hate setups? Fear not. The NEC NP200 DLP Projector is so easy to use and has a color-coded and well designed input panel which helps you with the setup. The use of this DLP projector is virtually limitless. You can connect tit o your computer for easier presentation. Its versatility makes it compatible with composite video, S-Video, and even component video, if used with an optional 15-pin adapter cable.

NEC NP200 DLP Projector

When presenting your report, of course, the last thing you want to worry about is the inconvenience of your projector. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can zoom in on key information in your presentation through the 10-step image magnification and location control. Convenience is in your hand. Also, you can keep your audience glued to your presentation, or you can simply make your report a lot more interesting, thanks to the AV mute and video image freeze. If you think this projector has enough convenient features… well, I’m not done just yet. You can also adjust the size of the image you want to project, perfect for stressing a point.

NEC NP200 DLP Projector

And if you think your savings end after you purchase this product, then you are most definitely wrong. Thanks to Eco-Mode technology, the lamp life of this projector has increased to 4,000 hours, from the standard 3,500 hours. This means that you can save some bucks on lamp light replacement. You’ll also have a low power consumption of only 228 watts. How about that?

Give new meaning to office and school presentations with the NEC NP200 DLP Projector. With its versatility and mobility, you can awe your audience as much as you will awe yourself.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer