Easy to play, but difficult to master – the Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS is a highly addictive and equally entertaining music game. A peripheral device, the Guitar Grip, will even challenge your reflexes as if you’re playing a real guitar. This original concept of bringing hand-held games to more than just another regular button mashing affair adds spice to your quest of being the best Guitar Hero.

The Guitar Hero: On Tour is one of the coolest and refreshing games you can play on a hand-held gaming console, thanks to the Guitar Grip, of course.

Rock Out to Several Music Jams

Admittedly, it takes an add-on device nearly the size of the game system itself to make the game work, but I don’t see any 360 and PS3 “heroes” complaining about their guitars. As soon as your hand slips on the adjustable Velcro glove, it immediately tells you that you will be ready to play for a long time. It is easy to play as well. Your reflex will be highly enhanced with this game.

You’ll see circles of different colors cascading down your Nintendo DS and all you have to do is push the button corresponding to what circle will hit the mark. All you need is a good sense of timing and hunger for fun. And what’s more fun and undeniably realistic? The touch screen feature of the Nintendo DS allows you to literally strum the guitar easily and smoothly.

Sure, strum the guitars and match the colors. Simple enough? Yeah. Can you master it? Try. What’s great about this game is that the challenge is always there. The different levels of difficulty allow you to push your skill to the limit. Even the medium setting is pretty tough. Although there is a nice progression with the difficulty levels, this game won’t give you a hard time going up to the expert level.

The Guitar Hero: On Tour has features that best fit Nintendo DS. For instance, you can set the other player’s guitar on fire and watch them blow out the flames by blowing into the mic in the battle mode. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more realistic than that, you can also do the actual motion of replacing a string when you need to restring your guitar, instead of furiously tapping a fret button. Heck, you can even sign autographs in mid-concert using the stylus!

Graphic-wise, the Guitar Hero: On Tour is rocking it. The visual style proudly displays colorful stage shows in interesting venues. The stunning stage lighting, the remarkable camera work, and the wide variation of animated musician with individual styles will really raise your gaming mood.

Since this is a music game, of course the sound quality is very important. The music selection is quite remarkable, both in variety and quality. It’s amazing how the DS cartridge was able to hold not only all these songs with both lead and bass tracks, but also their full vocals, while at the same time maintaining respectable sound quality.

The Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS is a great new way to rock your heart out. This highly entertaining and challenging game redefines the world ‘jamming.’

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer