Print in your car, someone else’s office or virtually anywhere else you need something printed out. That’s right. The HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer can print tasks anywhere you are, even without a computer.

Print directly from personal digital assistants, digital cameras, camera phones or memory cards with this mobile printer. Every on-the-go professional should have one of these devices. Because these people are always on the move, HP understands the importance of time. And since this printer only weighs 5.0 lbs, carrying it along is an effortless task!

4800 x 1200 Optimized DPI for Color Documents

Thanks to the innovative technology referred to as Bluetooth, you can now print out materials without a computer attached to your printer.

 HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer You just need to turn on the Bluetooth connectivity of this printer and your source, and you’re ready for your printed materials. The technology of the printer does not stop there. It also supports USB connectivity, Secure Digital cards, and PictBridge.

The HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer was designed to print at an exceptional speed. HP mobile printer cartridges produce more printouts than competing mobile printer cartridges. It can print as many as 22 black and white pages per minute, and 18 colored pages per minute. Snappy is even an understatement since it can also produce 1 4x 6 photograph in as fast as 49 seconds!

The quality of the print is impressive as well. For a mobile printer, it can produce really decent materials. The Inkjet printer produces as high as 1200 x 1200 dpi resolutions for black and up to 4800 x 1200 Optimized DPI for colored printing tasks. The compact printer has a maximum duty cycle of up to 500 pages per month. And it doesn’t stop there. Multiple print jobs are also no worries at all, since the printer can easily handle large tasks with its folding 50-sheet paper feeder. No need for frequent paper replacement.

HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer

Save some bucks on ink with this mobile printer. The automatic page completion and ink-saver mode minimize the use of the ink; therefore, you don’t need to restock that often. But if you do, you’ll know, thanks to the convenient low ink alert.

The battery life of the HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer is decently long as well, so you don’t need to stop just so you can recharge your battery. This printer can print up to 480 pages from one charge of the optional long-lasting HP Lithium-ion Battery. Battery life is primarily a thing to consider, especially for mobile gadgets. Luckily for you, this printer comes with a brilliant one.

HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer

The portable printer can also cope with your action-filled everyday life. Rugged and durable, this printer is assured to consistently perform well in spite of frequent travel. And to top that off, compatibility is the least of your problems since this printer can support multiple operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, among others.

No time to waste? Are you always on the move? The HP Deskjet H470wbt Portable Printer is the perfect companion for the fast-paced you.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer