Take the action right inside your home. The Little League World Series 2008 is now available for Wii.

With controls that will take you into a realistic mode, and a variety of gaming modes, this game is a great delight for both kids and kids at heart.

Play Skill Challenge or Tournament Mode

Because of the innovative technology of Nintendo Wii, your thumbs are not the only ones getting a workout when you play Little League World Series 2008. To wind up, you’ll have to pull the Wiimote back and then throw it downward. When pitching, you’ll pick a location and use a combination of the A and B buttons to throw a pitch. That motion is as close as you can get to really throwing a ball. This, of course, is a lot more fun that just, say, pushing buttons, right?

Of course, you can add more fun in your game by adding curve or making the pitch a slider. With the Wii control, you just need to twist the Wiimote when moving downward. Fielding is fun too since you can make your fielder run by shaking the Wiimote, and you can also improve the fielder’s chances of grabbing the ball by pressing A to leap or dive.

What’s another important thing to consider is the graphics quality of the game. The refreshingly original look of the characters adds to the ‘fun,’ perfect for kid players. The animations are soft and impressive, and there are numbers of decent visual effects. The details on the stadium are rather precise, but they are made in such a way that it is not too heavy for kids. Audience graphics and the grass in centerfield give much life to the game as well. The players are made-up, and you can even create your own Little League star. Although there are no familiar faces in the game, Activision still made a good job of making the game familiar by attaching a soft and kiddy feel to it.

Another important factor is the game’s music and sound effects. The sound effects are pretty decent for a sport game. The occasional ‘Strike’ and ‘Out’ calls help you to stay in the playing mood. Plus, the game announcers are entertaining as well.

When you play the Little League World Series 2008 on your Nintendo Wii, make sure to check out the tournament mode. You’ll start off as being the local favorite batting team and you’ll run your way up the baseball ladder by making it to the Regional and then the Final. This concept pretty much makes the game a little more challenging because it does not only make you pitch and hit balls, but it gives you a sense of pride in being the best team.

There are two other play modes – exhibition and skill challenge. The skill challenge mode allows you to enjoy the game more with mini-games such as a traditional home run derby where there are actual rounds and you can also go head-to-head against the CPU or a friend. Pitch bowling is a delight to play as well.

The Little League World Series 2008 for Nintendo Wii is a great way to practice your throws and hits without even touching a baseball bat – and without leaving the comfort of your house. The ‘feel’ of the game is soft and child-friendly, assuring you pure entertainment.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer