Have you ever dreamed of winning an Olympic medal, but unfortunately you didn’t pay enough attention during gym class?

Make your Olympic dream come to reality – well, almost. Be the best Olympiad you can be in the official Beijing Olympics 2008 video game available for Xbox 360.

Compete in Water Sports or on Land

Race against time and other players’ scores on 38 events and 10 sports included in this sport game. That’s one advantage of this game: it has a wide variety of sports you can choose from. Games include track and field, swimming and diving, gymnastics, shooting, archery, judo, canoe-kayak, table tennis, weightlifting and cycling. So, basically, if you don’t want to swim or run anymore, you can aim for the bull’s eye or lift some heavy weights.

Well, ‘wide variety’ is even an understatement. Take track and field for instance. The sport even has subcategories you can enjoy like sprinting, throwing and jumping events. So you are guaranteed to never grow tired of any games since there is a mix of sports played in the Olympics.

The game is not all about pushing the buttons repeatedly. The throwing and jumping events requires you to calculate speed and angle in order to do it right. So, more than the work of the muscle, you can stretch your brain as well. The Beijing Olympics 2008 offers you great challenges and a fair amount of progression. Also, most of the games have a basic control set up, so confusion on which button to press is far from happening.

The graphics are astonishingly sharp and gives more life to the game. The details on the players, the uniforms, and the background will make you want to look at the game more. The athletes are large, detailed, and animated well, and that helps when you control them. The large players display creates a realistic illusion that someone really is running a 15-second 100-meter dash in real life. The game even has pre- and post-event replays, and posturing by the competitors shows off their fine detail. Since this is a sport game, motion is very much important. The game has an impressive motion quality which is smooth in every event and is captured perfectly.

Sound-wise, Eurocom Entertainment Software did a great job recreating realistic crowds and athlete sounds which help take you to the gaming zone. It adds authenticity to the game, like the splash of water, or the roar and cheer of the crowd.

What’s a sport without some competition, right? The Xbox360 takes the Olympics in a new light – online, of course! Beijing Olympics 2008 supports multiplayer for up to four players on a single console and up to eight players over Xbox LIVE. Compete with players from all around the globe, or even just against your friends or brothers and sister. This game is a fun way to bond with family and friends.

Sega’s Beijing Olympics 2008 for Xbox 360 has realistic graphics, authentic sound effects, and a wide variety of sports to play. Now, you don’t need to be athletic to earn an Olympic gold medal.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer