How about incredible sound quality for a price you will never believe?

Thanks to the Sabrent SBT-SP6C 6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound 3D PCI Sound Card, you can have high-quality audio without spending too much money. Affordable and competent – that’s what this sound card is all about.

Use for Gaming, Karaoke and More

The astonishing sound this card produces is made possible by its 6 channels of digital-to-analog converters for AC3 5.1 channel purpose. 6 channels!

 Sabrent SBT-SP6C 6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound PCI Card Combine that with a PCI Interface and you’ll have an awesome 3D sound for your PC. Experience enhanced gaming and multimedia entertainment with this sound card.

The enhanced sound quality the Sabrent SBT-SP6C Surround Sound 3D PCI Sound Card has is really noticeable. Be in the mood for great details in sound. Little sounds like footsteps are more audible, and loud explosions and the singing of guns are given more life and thrill. Toss in the high-performance dual game port and you’ll have the time of your life playing games, with great sounds on the back.

Bring movie theater-like sound quality right in your living room. The Sabrent sound card provides audio fidelity that rivals movie theaters with its stunning 5.1-ch digital sound. The magic of this sound card is not limited to only gaming and multimedia entertainment use. You can also customize Internet audio with the power and surround sound of environmental audio extension (EAX) audio technologies.

Surround yourself with spectacular sound – and you won’t need a high-end home theater system to do that. All you need are ordinary speakers and this Sabrent. Enjoy convincing 3D audio and 5.1 sounds on multiple speakers series. This product is equipped with 32bit PCI Bus Master and is PCI 2.1 / PCI 2.2 compliant. Its innovative 3D positional audio is based on the head related transfer function. It supports DirectSound 3D, EAX and A3D interfaces, all of which provide high-quality sound and audio.

Sabrent SBT-SP6C 6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound PCI Card

How about a little fun? This sound card is also karaoke system-enabled, so you can stretch those vocal cords to your heart’s content. Then, plug in multiple speakers on your system for the whole world to hear your music. It supports multi-speaker output to 2 / 2.1 / 4 / 4.1 / 5.1 speakers. Other ports include front-out, rear-out, center & LFE, line-In, and MIC-In. There are also CD Audio and AUX Connectors for internal ports. It is also Windows Vista-ready. Windows Vista is the latest operating system by Microsoft.

The Sabrent SBT-SP6C 6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound 3D PCI Sound Card offers high-quality audio and competent features and performance without burning a hole in your wallet. Who says you need to spend a lot to experience cinema-like sound quality on your computer?

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer