Do you own a Sony VAIO TZ? Then this article is for you. Sony recently recalled over 440,000 of these laptops (priced between $1400 and $4000) due to over 200 global cases of the said PCs overheating. The effects of the overheating have resulted in atleast seven people suffering “light burns.” Any of the VGN-TZ100, TZ200, TZ300 and TZ2000 series are at potential risk of overheating. If you happen to own one of these popular devices, your best bet would be to stop using it completely and contect the Consumer Help Line located at the bottom of this article. Any TZ series sold between July 2007 and August 2008 can be hazardous.

Consumer Contact : For additional information, contact Sony toll-free at (888)526-6219, or visit the Sony Support Website

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