In these times of doubt, security is a very big deal. And if we’re talking about security, the protection of the people or possessions around you should be the only things you worry about – not dust and water.

Yes, the Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision will help protect that which is most important to you. It is a waterproof and dustproof camera that can be placed outside your house or work place for more extensive security.

24 Infrared LEDs See Through Total Darkness

Worry about the dark? With Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision, you should worry no more. This security camera is night vision-enabled, so uninvited night visitors will become the least of your problems.

 Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision (24 IR LEDs) This camera can effortlessly sense suspicious behavior even under low light setups. Thanks to 24 infrared LEDs that light up at night, you are surely protected since the camera will give black and white night vision in total darkness.

With this camera watching over, you are protected with no less than the most sophisticated technology and the most reliable and accurate quality picture. Of course you don’t want to place your safety on the line just because your camera produces dim images or provides no detail at all, which is not the case here.

For security videos, the precision of the images is very important. Every single detail is noteworthy. Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision provides crystal clear images for a better established safety. The image quality is so impressive that it is highly ideal for monitoring and videotaping events. You can also connect this camera to any digital video recorder, personal video recorder and Quad to fully access the level of security we all wish for.

Setting up the security camera is a breeze. The bundle comes with a 60-foot cable which allows you to guard your territory more effectively. All you have to do is connect the camera to any television and start watching, or plug it into a videocassette recorder and start taping immediately. And you can easily mount this on your wall with a ceiling mount too.

Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision (24 IR LEDs)

This camera has a 1/4-inch color CCD image sensor, a built-in 6 mm lens and 420 lines of horizontal resolution. These numbers only mean that the Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision is really top-notch and reliable, reliable enough to confidently place your safety in its hands. And since it is waterproof and dustproof, you can mount this camera anywhere, even outside your house. Keep a watchful eye on your backyard or your front lawn.

The Q-See QS2814C Color Camera with Night Vision is a real treat for people who have issues with security. It’s not bad to be vigilant nowadays, and this security camera, with its convenient nature and overall top-rated performance, will help you protect your most loved possessions and loved ones.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer