If you are looking for a single versatile machine that can play the roles of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine, but you are tight on budget, then search no further. The Epson CX9400 All-in-One Photo Printer is what you are looking for.

The colors and details in the output image of this printer are stunning, so despite the low price tag, the printer’s quality is not affected at all.  The black-and-white and colored documents are printed out really nicely, above the standard if you are using this for home applications.

Print Double-Sided Pictures and Documents

But the greatness of the Epson CX9400 All-in-One Photo Printer lies in the quality of its photo printing ability.

 Epson CX9400 All-in-One Photo Printer Printing a 4×6-inch photograph at the highest resolution setting (and paired with a high-quality photo paper) will result in a remarkable image with rich and vibrant color and precise details. No unwanted lines, no grains and no banding issues. The hues, brightness and contrast are accurate and often times, the printed images are more appealing than its version on the monitor screen.

The scanning feature of the Epson CX9400 offers convenience. Another great feature is that it can scan multiple, separate pictures as one. You can place a large quantity of photographs in the scanner, and this printer will automatically detect the edges of each photo, crop it, and save each photo as separated image files – all while you do nothing. Using the fax function of the all-around machine, in addition to its easy-to-use nature, is a breeze as well since no problems are bound to occur.

Speed is one of this all-in-one machine’s appeals. If you are always in a hurry, this printer can handle it because it produces as many as 32 pages per minute with DX3 print head technology. The fax machine also performs at a high speed so you can send out documents in the blink of an eye. The Automatic Document Feeder holds as many as 30 pages, so you don’t have to manually sift through papers whenever you are scanning or copying something. And you know what’s cool? The print outs resist fading of up to six times longer than leading competitive prints. They are highlighter resistant as well!

Epson CX9400 All-in-One Photo Printer

Who says you need a computer to make this machine work? You can even select, copy and print photos without a PC, thanks to its large 2.5-inch, tilt LCD with simple, intuitive menus. And you don’t have to worry about getting your hand dirty and mudding the ink on your freshly printed-out documents, thanks to instant-drying DURABrite Ultra Ink. Print double-sided documents or even photos without worrying about the ink. This printer, by the way, uses only one standard ink set for documents and photos so you don’t need to swap out cartridges since there are no special cartridges required for a specific printing job.

The Epson CX9400 All-in-One Photo Printer is that single versatile machine that can print, scan, copy, and even fax satisfactorily—without hurting your wallet.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer